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As of last night the podcasts where still up. Now Sticher and IPod podcast both say this episode is temporarily unavailable. I also checked the Pulp webpage - returns a 403-forbidden message - when try to download the episide! Did DR force them to stuff ... more »

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Been many times, Grew up near Redbud, first race I ever went too. It's Usually hot and humid. Sunscreen and toilet paper can be considered survival items. I usually spent the few extra $ for preferred seating in one of the bleachers areas. We like the ... more »

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Had same goal as you for my YZ450- fly wheel made a difference - G2 Throttle Tamer made big difference for me in offroad - slower - tighter situations. Much easier to be smooth - expend less energy- and ultimately be faster. The combo of the 2 was fantastic. ... more »

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Nizzles 314 is that you?

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If the 20 round series was Real- how many guys would be left and or be out due to injury

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Are you people unaware of "advertising". Perhaps if you lived in a cave or Phil's euro communist brain you'd be excused for missing the fact that the DOD advertises on TV, radio, print and has a large presence at American sporting events. In creating ... more »

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Here is a link to all the Van Porn you'll ever need. Click the link to the Ujoint Build thread- 3rd from top- this guy out of NC is doing sick things to Ford's. There's also several ... more »