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Call me a skeptic but Am I the only one wondering if the battery story is complete BS. That in fact they sold the bike again over the weekend and the 2nd buyer took it home. Hence the flimsy battery story. Did you see the bike when you went to pick it ... more »

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After the race Zach admitted fault, said one of his eyebrows got loose and was obscuring his vision before jumping right into Forkner. Weirdly he also tried to put his mouth on Forkner's pipe. Strange.....

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Just a thought on easing your Dad into the idea of organized events/racing. Find your state off-road series and clubs and see if any of them put on Poker Runs - its basically a marked trail ride, with stops along the way to draw cards, for a hand of ... more »

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Jabroni happened- that's what. He took a normal thread and once again throws out his obviously warped liberal views on society and told us one again "how it is". Seriously dude- you are a Snowflake. If your not under 30 then your close. Why do I think ... more »

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So let's get this right. On a forum about MX, in a post about expanding desert riding opportunities - you and your cohort have linked desert riding to global population and resources issues. Then you and your buddy link this to Hitler and genocide- in ... more »

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What does this have to do with desert riding ? Do you have any public desert lands back there in PA that need more riding? Are those "facts" on the carrying capacity of the earth, its resources and population scientific or just made up? Conspiracy theory ... more »

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I would think it would be too slow to even double?

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He definitely has a unique style that seems to gelling with his height - he looks comfortable. Should he win the title, he might be the tallest champ in quite some time compared to the horse jockeys.

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Keep up the good work, the open face helmet is an amazing piece of artwork. Ignore the internet jockeys /lawyers - as usual the empty barrels make the most noise. Pointless people posting about hypothetical's and what if's.

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Wow that looks brutal in the - I didn't clean the line and now have to manhandle the bike, get it restarted and try again sense. Good share- Cool to see the top guys show serious skills on those climbs.

Added reply in a thread MotoE Robb Beams 1/2/2018 8:54 PM

I worked with Robb for 3 years and it changed my racing significantly. It's not only the knowledge he introduces you too, it's the way he can communicate it effectively. If you listen to the DMXS podcast you will pick on the fact that he explains everything ... more »

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Love him or hate him, undeniably anyone who is into moto knows who he is. He has built his brand and is recognizable. He has style and attitude and because of it he gets TV time. Isn't the sport more fun when we have variety. There's tons of guys who, ... more »

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2 tricks to help keep the salt from eating your bike. 1. cheap bike cover from cycle gear - use bungies to hold the cover onto the bike- at a base level keeps some of the crap off. 2. After bike is all cleaned up - Old dude taught me to take a quart ... more »

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220 or 221 What ever it takes !

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How about some mug shots - this guys face should be out there for all to see. In case he shows up at any track or event and tries to pull this stuff again. Persona Non Grata.

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Props to Oregon offroad rippers, Rory Sullivan and Devan Bolan. Watson has been known to show up to an Omra event from time to time. Looks like all did well on the 125 today.

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Yeah I saw him talking to D.B. Cooper right after the riders meeting.

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Ah- good to know- thanks.

Started new thread Last Pulpmx Episode unavailable - did DR force them to take down the show? 6/8/2017 10:48 AM

Was listening last night. Go to finish it today and Nada- Pulp site = 403 Forbidden message when try to download. iPod app- download then says temporarily unavailable. Sticher app - says no longer available. Did they get a cease and desist letter to ... more »

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