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I went to the website but there is nothing on when/where the movie will be released/available. I can proudly say I was lapped by DA8 at a Harescramble many moons ago at the mile markers. Would really like to see this movie. More info please.

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You mean the guy they changed the rules for so he could keep racing the children's class? Yeah Tomac smoked him at Budds Creek GP by what 4 minutes

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You must be unaware that in many parts of the world including Europe you can find yourself in legal trouble for posting offensive content online. Simple shit like saying there's only 2 genders. Free speech doesn't exist in other countries as it does ... more »

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Because you signed up for it, agreed to it, paid for it. Your bank, credit card, hotel membership, car rental, electric company, airline miles membership, car loan, home loan, gym membership, telephone company, magazine subscriptions, Amazon, facebook, ... more »

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He's been putting in some good rides and getting exposure on the broadcasts- What's his status for 2020?

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If your looking for seat time after work/evenings - Browns Camp/ Tillamook Forest OHV is easy to get to from PDX for a rip after work. Trails and single track- no moto track but endless miles of trail. You can get info here ... more »

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Hell yeah, watching that made me smile. Do I understand correctly - no front brake, no right foot peg?

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I like the new gear, and looks like great time for all.

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Incorrect, actually if you listen, he lists out the who, what , when, where and then apologizes and thanks his sponsors in a linear, clear message. Of course the apologies are a joke, they are forced to do them, like a podium speech thanking sponsors, ... more »

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Ditto that's what I was thinking - live SX and MX- can watch anytime including past seasons. At the low price of $3 per race. What a frickin' bargain. OP paying $80- $150 per month for retard TV/internet package so peps in his house can watch dancing ... more »

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Then all the more reason to raise a glass to a guy who rips and got bit. To a speedy recovery.

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Ouch, Mt.View soil can be like concrete.

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He's got some seriously funny stories - "Seattle Re-Wipe"

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Glad to have Deano back, more wheelie taps please.

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Knowledgeable trainers will have their athletes record their resting heart rate every morning upon waking up. This will provide a base line. After a race or max exertion most will see an increased resting heart the next day indicating their body is still ... more »

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scrip for Nasonex- not kidding. big diff in ability to breath thru the nose.

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That's pretty cool, the guy is fast and can ride everything. Hope he qualifies and does well. Used to see him at The Funky Chicken Ama Hare Scramble, and that would be as I was being lapped.

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The combo package pencils out to $3 per race to watch SX & MX- it's a bargain.

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Nice!!! the DT100 was my first real bike. Bought it for $212.50 in 1982 at age 12. Worked my ass of helping some builders putting up new houses. Dad said you want one, you pay for it, so I did. 2nd bike was the DT400. Still want another one and maybe ... more »