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New thread Pourcel showed some emotion! 9/4/2010 5:59 PM

On the podium...I know he has alot of haters....I love watching him ride but it was good to actually see him speak from the heart after the race....still rootin Trey on though...Turbo

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New thread Anyone see the idiot flagger at the Wick? 9/4/2010 5:52 PM

Seeley crashed I think in 2nd moto right in the turn before the "tree" turn.....1 flagger up top and like ten-fifteen guys hit his bike because the moron flagger was afraid/not confident enough to wave his yellow flag....we yelled at him calling him ... more »

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New thread 09 CRF450 suspension linkage....which is best? 8/31/2010 5:19 PM

G3 wants like $400 plus.....Pro Circuit wants $240ish....any others? Are the aftermarket ones both the same change from the stock link? Thanks. Turbo

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New thread MX vs ATV Reflex XBOX....anyone want to? 8/22/2010 1:59 PM

Want to do a live hosted room? If so, I am turbo38t and I'm on now....

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New thread what's a good HD helmet cam? 8/22/2010 7:31 AM

I am looking for a high quality helmet cam. I know of the goproHD but what others are out there? Which is the most complete package? what has the best mounting hardware? Easiest to use? Different features? Where to buy... thanks. Turbo

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New thread Anyone get the Desalle/Dungey whip pic? 8/16/2010 5:06 PM

....the one right before Dungey passed Desalle over the skyshot tabletop? Probably one of the sickest moments I have ever seen......they were side by side whipping towards each other in opposite direction. Turbo

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New thread jlaw get arrested? 8/13/2010 3:54 PM

Saw him out of his truck pulled ove by three cops in new berlin.... any word?

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New thread Need FMX type specs..... 8/8/2010 6:40 PM

Looking to add some FMX style "obstacles at my buddy's track. He wants a "box" for endos/stoppies/rail slides......also a "stepup" jump to challenge riders .....some xgames style stuff.....and perhaps a wall ride. Mainly looking for the size to make ... more »

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New thread So Headquarters motocross should open this Wednesday..... 8/8/2010 5:25 PM

check for updates. They have a kids track....two mx tracks (quads and bikes will alternate on them on different days).....also have an FMX Rev1 freestyle ramp for those who dare set up at 35-40 feet and if the concensus ... more »

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New thread So how will Lowell Spangler do.... 8/8/2010 5:01 PM

in his pro debut at Unadilla next weekend? Cat hauls locally.....

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New thread Anyone tried Nuetech Arm Pump Eliminators? I did ...... 8/7/2010 2:19 PM

....about 2 months ago. I wanted to give a fair evaluation before "reviewing" them. Anyways, I am a fan of them just because basically ......they told me I was out of shape. Seriously, I can't say they eliminate arm pump but they definitely reduce it ... more »

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New thread Seriously......Mary Carry.... 8/1/2010 4:27 PM

delaying xgames coverage?

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New thread RMZ front brake....what's the fix? 7/25/2010 1:27 PM

Only complaint I have with my 08.....the front brake SUCKS. Will a bigger rotor fix it? Honda caliper, lever./reservoir? New cable? I mean, it's really bad. Dave

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New thread Headquarters Motocross opening soon....Northeastern, PA 7/25/2010 11:08 AM

Was a good time.

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New thread Did Weimer get docked for blocking ? 6/20/2010 10:09 AM

Anyone notice he was blocking Barcia in the first moto when he was getting lapped? Basically kept Barcia from being able to execute his pass he was setting up on Rattray. He also blocked 5th place Wil Hahn so he couldn't get close to Wilson.......I'm ... more »

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New thread The Rock is a real standup dude..... 6/13/2010 7:42 PM

Thanks again Mike for hookin me up. Was cool meeting Alderton and behind the scenes at Honda of Troy. You got a campsite to stay at if u make Dilla or the Wick. Turbo

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New thread Low pressure tire gauge? 5/23/2010 10:18 AM

Any recommendations? My Accu-Gage whacked out after a couple months. Bought a cheapo SLIME gauge from autozone....not accurate. I take care of my stuff but want something that lasts. Turbo

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New thread ANyone going to Rcky Hill Saturday? 5/19/2010 6:34 PM

Connecticut River MX .......I'll be there with some of my buds .....look for a marron Tacoma with a Zuke 450 and say hi......Turbo.

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New thread ARe Reed or Stewart in tonight 5/8/2010 12:32 PM


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New thread 2008 RMZ 450 help needed.....dealers....mechanics? 4/30/2010 5:03 PM

Ok, so as of right now my plan to buy a new RMZ450 from my buddy fell through. His dealer that he owns purchased a "new" bike from one shady ass Syracuse Zuke dealer and well, the thing was used!! But they tried to cover it up. Anyways, I was gonna pay ... more »

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