Added reply in a thread Broome's new owners? 9/16/2011 11:20 AM

just as long as the A-Hole who bought Hurricane doesn't get it

Added reply in a thread Tracks that could be National tracks question 9/12/2011 2:55 PM

Miles Mountain in Elkland PA track is on 1000 acres, great elevation changes, soil is incredible. they just found enough natural gas underground to supply the entire country for 75 years so there is no shortage of loot to add to the facility. place is ... more »

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I've worked at a dealer the last 7 years and have been the the ER many times. 3 times by ambulance only 1 time did the insurance company call because they thought it was a Streekbike crash. other then that they never questioned a thing. i would guess ... more »

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absolutely, i wore some 2012 gear this weekend and everybody loved all of it. i ordered 6 sets got 3 and 3 are on backorder pissed me off

Added reply in a thread Looks like Broome Tioga has some problems 8/23/2011 3:36 PM

loosing their National killed that place. the surounding area is major "Hillbilly Turf" who knows what will happen to it?? a bunch of my friends rented the track a few weeks ago and said it was in the worse condition ever, they said buildings were in ... more »

Added reply in a thread Unadilla Thursday Press Day Photos 8/13/2011 8:04 PM

Hey Woz why don't you get pics like that of me??? i get my wheels off the ground once in awhile !!! plus u can photoshop some "air" between me and the dirt!!

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RV claims the 12 is MUCH better then his 11 so maybe it is?? but he's paid well to say that.

Added reply in a thread R.I.P. Isabell Koob 7/28/2011 8:02 AM

horrible news but it can't be all blamed on racing, it can happen practicing, riding in the woods or playing in your back yard. when God wants you he wants u. people die everyday it just hits us hard when it's moto related because this is what we live ... more »

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thats funny 2 HD shops 1- 5 miles from our shop and one about 15 (who was there forever) shut down this month. and another who was opne since 74 sold out. the metric shops in our area are kicking ass !!!

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i dunno Boyesen had my 07 & 08 KX450 working perfect with their Quick Shot and a few tweaks no bog or hesitation

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RV2 there's no crying in Motocross !!!

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85 KX125 87 KX125 88 KX125 quit to play "Rockstar" came back in 2003 2003 KX125 2003 KX250 2004 KX250F 2005 KLX110 2005 KX250 2006 KX450 2007 KX450 best bike ever 2008 KX450 2009 KX450 2010 KX 450 2011 KX450

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my worst happened in the ER after i broke my colarbone and some ribs in morning practice. fat ass lazy nurse made me walk to the bathroom after they just pumped me with morphine. i passed out cracked my head on the sink then the floor. worst concussion ... more »

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if u watch the last lap of the Moto the camera is on RV. RV passes him after he went down. u can just catch a glimpse of his # as he's getting up. very sad.

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Horrible news RIP our Moto Brother !!!

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SIDI's for sure !!!!

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heard lots of stuff like that from my parts unlimited rep. something about witch doctors??? lots of strange shit.

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maybe" Dunk'n Donuts" ?? could be a new sponser??

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whats funny is most small shops carry Arai or Shoei street lids but crapola in the Dirt Dept. most dirt riders are gonna bang their grape many more times them Street riders. and sometimes the ground is just as hard as the street. if your dealer doesn't ... more »

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Buy a Shoei or an Arai whichever fits you best. don't wear anything else unless you have a great life insurance policy naming me as your beneficiary !!!