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" +30 is a B/C only. No one having raced A or pro is allowed to comnpete here. " there are a few "former" A Riders now in B class who qualified at the Regional. so does that mean because they have a "B" card they can go or because they were in the A ... more »

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Crowbar frame and O-Frame are pretty much the same size, it's just the extra "wings" on the Crowbar that make them look bigger. O-Frame tearoffs almost fit crowbars so the lense is just a smidge bigger like 1 millimeter or so on the Crowbar.

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the AMA sux cock when it comes to cry babies going back to B or C . any little BS letter saying " i was injured" or "haven't raced in years" works. total BS. it's all over the place in District 6 90% Vet riders. i line up every weekend in 40 B against ... more »

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lattest info is June of 2013. but what do i know? i'm just the guy on the microphone lol

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Mt Pleasant was a great track !!! i don't remember rocks?? just deep sand and fun jumps

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Mt. Pleasant was fun !!! nice deep sand, sux one of the owners was killed

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replace it with a custom Boyesen Cover. they look trick as hell and with your name and number on it it's easier to tell which bike is yours after u wad up so if your fork seals leak are you immediently screwed???

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that bike is not for the majority of riders i know.(including me i took 2 laps and parked it) i've never sold anyone 2. everyone who bought one from me since 2010 bought another brand the following year. even the rider we gave them 2 brought them back ... more »

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if Mudflaps bike was anything like JBS's there not even close to a stock 450 with all the suspension and frame mods plus moving the motor i would guess they came up with something that works.

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Fox gloves that are snug, Pro Taper Synergy grips and squeeze tighter with your legs , no death grip.

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Why waste $$$ on him? he's the biggest never was out there. waaaaaaaaaaay too much hype and for what ??? a few podium finishes?? support the up and comming riders not someone who gets holeshots then fades like a cheap suit race after race.

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what has JS7 done since Kawi bagged him??? seems like a smart move. RV isn't going anywhere

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2007 KX450, bike just worked perfect. because my 08 was stolen with 6 hrs on it the 07 was my practice / backup bike for 2 years. i was 3 to 7 seconds a lap faster on the 07 then my 09.

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A 2005 KX250 that Boyesen bought from us to do Motor testing for Kawi. they modded the motor then sent it for Stewart and Burner to test. apparently they loved it. the motor was sent back and put back in the KX. the bike was never ridden. Mr Boyesen ... more »

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they have HUGE rebates and incentives dealers are blowing them out in my area. a couple people who have them are having issues, not starting, motors grenading etc. i know BMW has some of those motors made in the Kymco factory in Tawain. very few around ... more »

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thats false, he's the majority shareholder but doesn't get along with his old man. he still controls the rider contracts though. until the oldman croaks he's staying behind the scenes.

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thought Dungey wore a Leatte ????

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all i can say about the bike is i hhave never sold anyone 2.(and i sell tons of MX bikes) anybody who bought a 10 or 11 from me bought another brand the next year. in fact a Pro Rider we sponsored and gave two 250's and two 450's brought one of the 450's ... more »