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one of the BEST trax in the North East !!! sux it's almost 4 hrs away

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no issues with mine, not a ton of hrs. on it since i only get out Sundays to race. no complaints from the people I've sold them too either. best 450 I've ever ridden

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i know flagging is a sucky job especially in the heat , if your not gonna do it correctly stay the fuck home. besides cell phones and kids not watching their "area" because their eyes are folliowing there friends around the track it's getting crazy I ... more »

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we seem to be having issues locally with dumbass kids txting etc. while flagging . should track owners confiscate all phones before they get out on the track?? i had to yell at 5 or 6 the past 2 weekends. total BS

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what he said ^^^^

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Pedialyte !!!! the stuff works awesome i go through 2 bottles on a race day . drinking lots of water 2 or 3 days b4 a race is useless. it just makes u piss more. i have friends that climb in a garbage can full of ice water prior to their moto. apparently ... more »

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2007 KX450 best bike i've ever had until i got my 2012, but then again that was before a collarbone, hand and wrist and 4 knee surgeries. and about 5 concussions so i rode much harder (and better) back then.

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that track's a blast. we went up there last Aug for a KTM Dealer Demo day. i loved the track

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Alessi will go down in history as the biggest "hero to zero" .. gets the start and then gets in everyones way as he's fading like a cheap suite . this year may be a bit different but thats because there's nobody out there besides Dungey and Weimer

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i had my ACL replaced in 2008 got a script for a CTi . it sux. always loosens up and i've tweaked my knee several times wearing it. after my 3rd knee surgery my new Doc gave me a script for a Don Joy. i love it. usually stays tight and i've never felt ... more »

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ride it then make your own decision. i have had every KX450 from 06 on up. till this point my 07 was the best. the 12 makes everything out there look bad. i sell bikes for a living and i've ridden everything (except the Dungey KTM) the 2012 is by far ... more »

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Monster Kawi Honda as far as companies marketing to dealerships with banners, posters etc. . Yami hands down, Kawi 2nd Honda is pretty much nonexhistant when it comes to dealer swag.

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if someone is willing to trade a bike thats 2 years older for his 11 there is a reason. get the 12 trust me

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2011 is a good bike but save your loot and get a 2012 it's way better !!!! my 11 is my backup / practice bike. after i rode my 12 i will never ride the 11 again unless i have to.

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... more »
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unless they re invented the 450 or fuel infected the 250F which neither happened from what i'm told i'm guessing BNG is the big change

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" +30 is a B/C only. No one having raced A or pro is allowed to comnpete here. " there are a few "former" A Riders now in B class who qualified at the Regional. so does that mean because they have a "B" card they can go or because they were in the A ... more »

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Crowbar frame and O-Frame are pretty much the same size, it's just the extra "wings" on the Crowbar that make them look bigger. O-Frame tearoffs almost fit crowbars so the lense is just a smidge bigger like 1 millimeter or so on the Crowbar.

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the AMA sux cock when it comes to cry babies going back to B or C . any little BS letter saying " i was injured" or "haven't raced in years" works. total BS. it's all over the place in District 6 90% Vet riders. i line up every weekend in 40 B against ... more »

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lattest info is June of 2013. but what do i know? i'm just the guy on the microphone lol