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Allessi's a douch just his butt buddy Bobby !!

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No. RV will be on a mission after that last Moto. A pissed off RV is like a pissed off RC

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What he said X 10. Sneezing is the worst !! Been dealing with it the last 3 weeks. Can't ride , can't play my Drums , and sleeping sux Make sure u do cough here & there and use the breathing device they should have given you in the ER !! Everytime ... more »

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The goal is to get into the lead ASAP. To RV , RD is another Allessi , the sooner he gets around him the sooner he checks out !!!

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Broke mine in 2007 original shithole hospital said no surgery needed. Went to another Ortho Doc who's x rays showed 4 breaks. Being a professional Drummer I wanted it fixed correctly 1 decent sized plate & 12 screws later it's perfect. I've soil ... more »

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That bike is not a 2011.

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By the looks of his practice times I'd say he's not there 2 finish anywhere but 1st

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he was 38 when i first saw him locally on 85's up until he turned Pro. last few times i saw him ride locally his bike had no numbers.

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i guess whomever is translating to the Chinese needs to do alittle research

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never saw AC ride in person but I rode with Coop in NC @ Crystal Coast a few times and the kid fly's and is very determined. AC deff has the bike advantage.

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Check out the Boyesen custom clutch covers !!! their sweet. that covers been the same since 2006

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i have about 15 pairs of Crowbars and 20 some pairs of Oakley Shades (plus my wifes 6 pair) even with my great discount there alittle salty. I'll stick to Crowbars

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Fox needs to make some Retro Image gear again !!! old Cats like me would suck that stuff right up !!!

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I rode E-Town today and wanted to ask some of his Jersey Crew what the scoop was but none of his followers where there. i see him in the top 10 on a regular basis if he keeps his head straight & leaves the Bong back in dirty Jersey

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2010 YZ450. Took 2 laps and parked it

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Nobody touches my Race Bike except my suspension guy, he rides it once to test it, i do let select friends ride my practice bike but not too often. i let a friend ride one of my practice bikes a few years ago. he totally yard sale'd it. Yosh pipe, all ... more »

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ding ding ding. still cry's like a bitch

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my techs @ work have been changing my tires with a machine since 2005, never a scratch. it's not the tool it's the bonehead using it.