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funny thing, some cat who didn't speak English showed up this Sunday on a Husky with those small plates. the scorers could hardley read them. the guy was super slow but looked factory (kinda like me) . i think they suck as well.

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gasket material inside the motor from the cases gets into the screen and clogs it up. if you don't clean it it restricts oil flow. you only need to do it once. at about 5 hrs. or so.

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really??? where is that?? i literally gave away more CRF450's then i sold this year!!!! more people in D6 ride Kawi's or Yamadogs.

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the cockroaches who stole my bikes were not racers. they were local Puerto Rican Scum who steal dirt bikes on a weekely basis, hide them in their sheds in the projects where they have to be given 10 days notice that their shed is gonna be searched. they ... more »

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well it was 97 2 weeks ago for Loretta's so why not 95 for Budds?? i think my bikes are the wrong color for him although he was digging all the bling @ Doublin wednesday.

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my bikes have streetbike disc locks that are super thick. and those round Master disc locks on the sprockets. my windows are boarded up from the inside and out. my overhead doors also have padlocks and the man door has a deadbolt and and huge padlock. ... more »

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that really sucks Ben, after watching you ride at Doublin Gap Wednesday i thought you would do well @ Dilla. i went through the same thing last year. both the race bike and the practice bike stolen when the cop saw the Puerto Ricans riding them he chased ... more »

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yes i work @ a shop. 09's are available but we got 2010's already. My Team Green Deal is dealer support. Dealer support riders get what we have in stock.

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I'm going to move my forks up a little and race both bikes Sunday in different classes. i'll compare lap times again.

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my lap times went from 2:30 - 2:32 to 2;25 - 2:27 when i switched bikes. i really can't figure it out. other then the motor is smoother on the practice bike, less power easier to control maybe??

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i have an 09 and an 07. for some reason i'm 5 to 7 seconds a lap faster on the 07. (same suspension and setup)

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just got a few today but i'm too tired and sore from riding yesterday to take one out. anyone else get any and ride them????

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hopefully i can get that stuff from my rep. if i don't win!!!

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it's all about being smooth. sweep the spot well ,don't waste your tire on a burnout and come off it easy then get on the gas. remember it's not all about comming off the gate. sometimes he who breaks last comes out first!!!! a good jump is important ... more »

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Progressive $75.00 per bike. when the Ricans stole both my 450's last year they paid me 8g's for my race bike. i got my practice bike back with some damage, they wrote me a check for $1300.00 and are still hounding the cockroach to get me my deductible. ... more »

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Casey Clark crashed in practice knocking himself out and possibly breaking something in his back. he would have done well in +25 !!! big time bummer

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Sleepy Hollow Pagoda Dutchmen MX Park Englishtown Miles Mt. Happy Ramblers Doublin Gap Hurricane Hills Broome Tioga Mount Pleasant Budds Creek Seaford DE Evansville Raush Creek Irish Valley MX573 Tomahawk Wilkes Barre AX Fields (now Boyesen's) Hill

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as long as there is a C class @ Loretta's and contingency in C & B there will be sandbagging. i've said it a million times only pay contingency to mini's to keep them going and then pay A class to keep them in the sport. C and B riders should never ... more »

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Sports Center was already late so they bagged it for TV

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heat them till they basically melt on. SUPER HOT !!!