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New thread Benny Bloss’s best night on a 450: 6th and looking really good! 5/6/2018 12:30 PM

Last night while keeping a close eye on El also enabled me to see & follow Benny thru the entire Main. Why? Because, he was the guy RIGHT BEHIND Jason! I recall It was awesome. Benny was riding really, really well and seemed to have a ... more »

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New thread "Thanks for completing our survey! " 5/3/2018 5:16 PM

Uh, might wanna ignore the "Uruguay" part. I just had to do it!

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New thread Eli: “Where do you draw the line? ...That pass was over the line!” 4/21/2018 7:14 PM

Marvin: “We can talk about stuff like that for a long time...” goes on a bit to respond to Eli’s complaint about “Title Fixing”...last year at New York...etc. all the while Eli seems to have forgotten allllll about the Vegas Shit Show... Then, they ask ... more »

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New thread How important is the start tonight? 4/7/2018 5:38 PM

In this mud, in Seattle...?

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New thread 6 Suzuki’s, 4 Huskies, 4 Hondas, 4 KTMs, 2 Kawasakis, 2 Yamahas in the 450 Mains at ATL 3/4/2018 9:24 PM

That’s kinda interesting! When I see what some folks have to say about the different brands versus who ends up in the 22 man field and what brand they’re’s almost surprising. Let’s face it: they’re all good race bikes. But, there sure are a ... more »

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New thread The Vital MX '18 RMZ450 (2018 Day In The Dirt Race Report and LONG TERM WEAR status) 1/18/2018 4:49 PM

I've spent a couple of months with this bike in Punk Rock Stock form... (That term is stolen from a fellow forum member) Here she is in her various stages of stockness from November thru this week (her last week as a Stocker).

Here's week one ... more »

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New thread Barcia's intro Music... 1/8/2018 10:48 AM

Metallica's "Unforgiven" Or... Tupac's "Can't C Me" Hell, BOTH! Bye the way, I absolutely loved Deano's "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"! Best intro song I've heard.

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New thread Temp Hire podiums A1 & Houston... 1/6/2018 10:00 PM

Justin Barcia. Let's add Houston to the list, too. I'm jus' sayin'...

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New thread 2018.5 Husqvarna Rockstar Edition = $10,699 12/8/2017 11:57 AM

That is all.

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New thread Fundraiser for OC Scottie 11/2/2017 5:47 PM

As some of you may know, OC is in a wheelchair due to a Moto accident years ago. He gets around pretty good and can drive one of those vans with a "lift" and hand controls. Those "access" vans ain't cheap...BUT...he found a really clean used one close ... more »

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New thread 2017 RM-Z 450: what happens to a bike after the shootout? 9/18/2017 6:31 PM

This is the bike that was used for the 2017 Vital MX 450 Shootout...then it was "borrowed" by a few people...then it ended up in my hands. Why? I asked to spend some time on it; because, during the shootout I was blown away by how well it turned and ... more »

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New thread This just in: Steve Matthes's Canadian Citizenship has been revoked! 9/6/2017 7:23 AM

Can you believe it? Was it drug charges? No. Was it a poorly timed comment on the PM's (Justin Trudeau's) hair? No. Was he mean to someone without saying,"Sorry"? No. Did he berate Hockey? No. No...none of those potentially criminal acts. It was this...this ... more »

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New thread Get a '17 CRF450RX while you still can (track guys that do ANY off-road) 9/2/2017 6:07 AM

The '18s are out and they're EXCELLENT. They've got the new cool guy battery and tray. The R has new motor mounts (hangers). But... The RX ain't got a Kick-Starter. That's gonna cost ya if you add it to your '17. Any Off-Roader should know what I'm taking ... more »

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New thread Ignore threads put up by nianqinren24: spammer 7/6/2017 7:45 PM

Mega Spammer

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New thread Don't click on the funky "University" threads 7/6/2017 7:41 PM

Nothing good will come from it!

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New thread Who's in for Calgary? 6/13/2017 11:23 AM

I was thinking about going. Anyone-else?

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New thread No 2018 CRF250R pics: It's got some "changes"... 5/19/2017 6:12 PM

Where's the pics of the New Twin System...?

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New thread I heard they docked a guy $5K for being color-blind. He couldn't see a Blue Flag. 4/3/2017 5:51 PM

I've seen this guy spend five grand at the the pool in Vegas...hey, it was the day after he'd won the title. I'd dock the race official that SHOULD HAVE WAVED THE BLACK FLAG $5,000.

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New thread Is it just me Bobryshev in the US testing for Honda...Dylan Wright, too (Honda, Canada) 3/23/2017 6:11 PM

I was rolling around Milestone and getting in people's way...but... I saw a Factory Honda or two ridden by the 777 and the 14 (US) & there was a kid form Canada who's number is ALSO "14" that was shredding on a BOX STOCK "RX"...all...HAULING ASS... ... more »

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New thread Dear Mookie, 3/3/2017 7:04 AM

I've been watching you ride the ZOOK for a few weeks now and I've made note of a coupl'a things. I even went out on an RMZ to confirm my suspicions about how different it is than the '16 Honda. 1. Dude, this thing TURNS with A LOT LESS EFFORT than the

... more »

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