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that's pretty awesome. I know a couple people I'll recommend this book to.

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hahaha, who would think it was anyone but the entitled group? Josh still has his IG account, the post has disappeared though. I'd bet it's water under the bridge now and they're back to focusing on finishing out the AX season.

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Billy rode the +25 class a couple weeks ago at Casey, pretty sure if he was in shape he would have won. I was watching and wondering who is this guy? then the announcer says his name and I'm like what the hell is he doing in +25 lol. dude doesn't look ... more »

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So Ironman it is. I'd really love to see it at Red Bud but Ironman is closer to home so I guess it'll do. unless your talking Motoland, that would be epic. I know that would never happen but it would still be cool.

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Honda for the win. I don't have one but have a couple friends that do. you will own it forever with little to no trouble. I have four friends that have Polaris Rangers, all of them have had their machine in the shop at one time or another and no this ... more »

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and why do you have a camera that takes some pretty decent pics from way up there. I think the pics are cool, everyone needs to chill out. what's some of the crazier things you've seen from up there? pics or it didn't happen lol

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that bike looked terrible last weekend and he looked really uncomfortable to me. good move IMO

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is this a non AMA track? if he won the championships I'd assume his average finish would have his RVP high enough to get automatically bumped up to B. if it's non AMA it's up to the promoter to bump him. why anyone would want to win the C class championship ... more »

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just saw the same. RIP Dylan

Added reply in a thread Dylan Slusser 2/24/2017 5:56 AM

any updates?

Added reply in a thread Bbr pitbike wanted 2/23/2017 1:31 PM

I've got a friend of a friend lol. my buddy's going to let his know about your post.

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positive vibes sent.

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Shorter is just south of Monster and worth a stop if you can catch them open. a solid trip would be Shorter, Monster, Mill Creek, McClarty's and Sand Mountain. if you would go to Shorter first it's the farthest south then work your way back north.

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did you tell them you were racing it? our state farm agent told us they will not cover any type of race vehicle. if you just tell them it's a motorcycle you ride for fun you're covered, if they find out your racing it your screwed. that's what I was ... more »

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one bump for the afternoon crowd. I messaged back and forth a couple times with Melissa, apparently a couple guys have made donations. I'm sure she told you herself, but she is very grateful.

Started new thread if you want to help 1/31/2017 7:57 AM

a fellow rider out. they are raffling off his bike and quad. I do not know them personally, so I have no idea exactly what happen or the current circumstances, just saw the post after a friend of mine shared it on FB and felt like sending them a little ... more »

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good read. I wonder which other rounds he's going to "mechanic" at?

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don't buy them thru ticketmaster. there should be Yamaha dealers around that have them that you won't get charged the extra bs thru. I always get ours thru Niehaus Cycle. we're getting seats on the club level for $58 each. your section would be cheaper ... more »

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Team Ideal

Motoseat rocks!

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