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everyone who made it to LL got a coupon for a free one of these. we got our son's for him and he loves it.

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X1. glad my kid finally got better at racing than playing baseball. don't miss that crap at all. there's plenty of moaning at most local tracks, just wish they would travel a month with us, then maybe they would shut up.

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I like this rule. I think it helps your average guy who has a kid that has potential to keep him in regular school and a normal lifesyle and saves the whole family some money. and gives them time to figure out wether this is the way they want to go. ... more »

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very interesting, nice site. thanks

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The diamond plate was kind of what I was thinking to or maybe some 16 ga. stainless sheet. might look kind of funny at the top of the rv but guess could always paint it to match. post how it works out please.

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sorry no tips. but what are you going to do about fiberglass? I have a small issue with mine currently and was wondering what best approach was.

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X3 . Change everytime I change the oil. cheap insurance.

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used to wear Oakley now wear Steel. have some great foam and fit our faces well. kinda new to the game but IMO very good google.

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that suck. my rider did same earlier this year. get well soon

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Figure over 70K invested. That's just Kyle, no wonder Suzuki dropped amature support. I would guess it wasn't all free, but I'm sure it was at a major discount. I am amazed every time we pull into a LLQ at how much money is being spent. Hey Sean were ... more »

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smokes are dead. just ask the big three. (honda, suzuki, kawasaki) they won't be back because the factories (esp. honda) won't let them PERIOD. yes I would like to eat my words, but it won't happen. certian people are faster on smokes, but if factories ... more »

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Friday the 13th coming up, could it be? I don't think so. IMO the worst is yet to come.

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Good luck, guess he found a sponsor for the subframe? hope to see you guys soon.

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first time I ever listened, they did a great job, deff. better than the tv guys. last night was well worth the 5.99.

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live. sweet

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I got the sound so I hope I'm good thanks for the help all. have a great evening.

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thanks. I thought everything was right. was just hoping to get some comintary before hand. wish we could get some info before like practice, interviews etc.

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I get to that page but when I click Access Content my media player says it cannot connect to server. is it not up yet? what time does it start central or what time is it where they are now? thanks

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X2. put one on the old 426 it was somewhat close but not what you would expect. I am buying D a new one for his 250F also, I had bid on one on ebay, but by the time you pay shipping our discount thru Travco was within a few dollars. I know there different ... more »