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if you're under 21 I'd consider letting it heal on it's own. otherwise plate it. personally I'd plate it either way

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what he said ^^^^

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I'm currently not on any type of diet. I have, over the last year, lost around 20-25 lbs by cutting back on what I eat and exercising a bit. I've started riding more and was just hoping for a quick way to shed another 20 lbs or so. I'll keep doing what ... more »

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I'm pretty interested in dropping 20-30 lbs but I love beer, I'm probably an alcoholic but I don't really care. I suppose this diet won't work for me?

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pleasure to meet you fine sir.

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I was told this morning he is replacing Ivan on the USA team. is that true?

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yep, tickets for the weekend are currently $140 each. for Sunday only $95. to get into the paddock is $35 I think. it's going to be epic.

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SS and Pit Bits are my go to every Tuesday morning. both are just fine the way they are.

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I just started listening to the show when Waston had left so I never really knew what to expect. this ^^^ is exactly what he sounds like to me. his BS on MXdN was enough to make me want to turn the show off.

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if you really want to have fun go the KLX140 route or buy the CRF150R and stuff a CRF100 engine in it. I did the CR85 route and the 150R route is much simpler bc you do not have to rebuild the cradle for the engine to fit. I have a 150R and just waiting

... more »
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lot A4 (gen camping) lot B (party camping) and tent camping lot all had tickets as of yesterday. you will need one camping pass (250 for party lot) and everyone will need a weekend arm band (130 per person). I'd be getting things quickly if I were you. ... more »

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Fasthouse has red in size 38 for sure. I don't remember what they went up to when I ordered mine. they do have a waist adjustment. I'd guess up to 40 down to 36 with adjustment. I like they way they fit.

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I'll second the Scentlok but I use the midweight and layer up or down accordingly underneath. I'm not sold on the scent control part but they make nice clothing that has lasted well for me. I used to keep an eye on Dick's Sporting goods because they ... more »

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bad idea IMO. drill a couple of holes in the airbox for these and remove the screen from the cage for more air flow.

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give it back to its owner. he knows how

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well damn, here I was feeling all special getting 5 out of 6 and now I'm just another schmuck on Vital that got lucky lol. I had a friend that got 6 of 6 last year but so did a 100 or so people and he had put his in late so he never won anything. at ... more »

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AC92, Suzuki was working on signing him and Cole told or Eli found out and said if AC was in they were out. Same thing Millsaps said when Cole was talking to Alessi brothers as amateurs

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I bought a new 18 Honda 450 last fall. I've probably rode it 6 or 7 times since. just tore my MCL pretty good, probably be awhile before I'm back on it but I don't care. buy it bro

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Congrats to the whole team. I don't know anyone that wasn't pumped to see Brayton win. awesome job to all.

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thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try. I don't have much problems with acid reflex anymore after loosing a few pounds and making sure I eat a couple tums after any spicy or stuff or anything with a lot of tomato paste. also making sure I eat at least ... more »