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if you're just going to be sport riding you're making the right choice. If you expect to use it around the house or farm at all you need to look at the Pioneer. The only drawback to the Pioneer is the rear seating isn't the greatest for adults. I personally ... more »

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Sorry man.

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Speed Queen is the only brand we've had good luck with lately. Every once in awhile you'll get a good one of other brands but our SQ washer and dryer are going on 7 years without missing a beat. We had the old Maytag before that and got twenty-five years ... more »

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Last weekend at a close family friends wedding reception this guy I've know for several years is going on and on about a big deer he's been seeing almost every morning. Spends a good while telling us his game plan for opening day and acts like he's already ... more »

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I love going fast on or in anything, except boats, something about going that fast on water scares the shit out of me. that's a sweet ride though. nice job.

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I hope you can find a new Trek in stock. My wife is getting into riding longer distances with me and needed to upgrade her FX 7.1. We ordered a Trek FX Sport Carbon 4 about two months ago and they told us to expect a early Nov delivery.

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Don't be afraid of used bikes. You can grab some great deals right now. I bought an older Cannondale a little over a year ago with HUD wheels for basically the cost of the wheels. After riding a friends Trek this spring I made the switch to a Domane

... more »
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haha, a lot of ours were "around the house" accidents. I think they frown on racing so if it has to happen at the track then it was during practice not a race. I know twice it was written on the report it was racing for my youngest but they still payed ... more »

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we have the accident and cancer. thankfully we've never had to use the cancer but my wife's mom had it and it helped her out so I think mine signed up for it from that. like peelout mentioned I'm sure a lot of people don't get the full benefit from having ... more »

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My wife works at a local electric co-op and has great insurance. That's actually where we got the Aflac too. It has been well worth it for us. But then again, we've had multiple injuries between us. I asked her to see which plan we had. Monday's are ... more »

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We've had it for years. Our local agent said to be sure to never let it expire because there was no way they'd let us back on lol. It's paid for itself many times over for us. Myself and two sons. I'd have to look which plan we have. It pays so much ... more »

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If you're looking for a single pin check out the Black Gold Ascent Verdict. I like it a lot. Like mentioned HHA makes good sights also. I use the Black Gold for winter league but use a Trophy Ridge React V5 for hunting. I feel like the vertical pins ... more »

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I think a lot of it has to do with your age and fitness level. I ruptured my left one in March of 19. had the complete rolled up into my calf thing like someone else mentioned. It took a little longer to get operated on, almost 3 weeks, but it went well. ... more »

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That's one of the few good things about IL. Lived here 90% of my life and I'd love to leave, but with almost all of my family here, I'm beginning to wonder if we will. If we ever do I'm definitely keeping enough ground to come back and hunt on. I have ... more »

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sorry man, it's brutal. We lost our best friend unexpectedly almost a year ago and not a day goes by yet that I don't miss her. she looks happy. I'm sure she had a great life and loved you dearly for it.

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I've got 510K on a 06 Express. Been from coast to coast and tip of Texas to Niagara Falls. Still drive it every day. I have driven a Ford, I think the Chevy handles better. Either will do what you want and will last a long time if you take care of it. ... more »

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I can normally tune him out but this race was bad. Justin Bogel normally rides the number 50 bike of Benny Bloss. wtf Ralph, dude was a mess all day.

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Steve was all about the party in Temecula with ML on this one. I’ll just leave it at that. Jeff will be fine. I hope Jerry can get his stuff lined out.

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Walker said nothing about Robin. I’ll stand by my mxtech1 statement after listening. Not sure why Steve hates Jeff so much. Must have something to do with the YouTube following. If he didn’t know Jeff was going to be on the outdoor team, or initially ... more »