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Dug out my 1979 Maico 490 proto, sent shock to Ohlins and starting renovation on motor, Nothing matches stock and have to dig through parts container for parts, This is a worthless dream, Beautiful bike I loved..worthless junk now..

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Valkenswaard MX1 podium: Cairoli, Ramon, and Phillipaerts.

Nice pics,thanks. Valkenwaard has always been a great track and have always enjoyed being there, except packing up and going home saturday by not making the cut....

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Added a comment about news blog Quick Poll: U.S. Rider Participation in the USGP 4/29/2010 8:54 PM
Team Euro

When GP riders can cross the ocean, and dominate the American circuits in the USA and the US riders fail to even complete a full GP season here, there is really no argument. The GP season is brutal plus the riders compete in thier own country championships during the season. A weekend off is very rare. GP riders ride in thier local area races also and powder puffing out of a race with the FOI (fear of injury) excuse is not GP material. The money to be made over the ocean has blemished the true sport and even though there are some of the best riders there they will never be classified as a World Champion without a GP championship under thier belt. Our tracks are not groomed between races and most crowds can almost reach out and touch thier favorite riders during the races. If a senario of the AMA holding a race over here on a off weekend in the GP season ever became true you can be certain that there would be GP riders making excuses TO BE there, not the opposite. The FOI (fear of injury) excuse can be construded as a " fear of being dominated and losing contract when GP rider travels over the pond next year) excuse. You can bet your britches that every American team manager is going to be there getting a freebie peek at the next seasons prospects and many phone numbers are going to be exchanged, I would be fearful of my team ride next year if I was a floundering US team rider.This is going to be a great situation for the GP riders and threatening for the US team riders, they will no longer be the BIG fish in a small pond, they will become SMALL fish in the big pond.....

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