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Both Cade and Broc were told by WADA what they couldn't do with respect to racing and both made their decisions accordingly. Broc was on the podcast with Weege talking about a month or two back. I think Broc is hoping the decision comes down and its ... more »

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I didn't know about him either with his music until I saw Moto 10 the Movie. He's got a great piece on it. I was impressed.

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Cade raced in Canada. Broc is holding off because as long as he doesn't race professionally ( anywhere ), his time now not racing will go as time served toward the suspension. If he races in Canada, and learns of his suspension, the suspension then starts ... more »

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Amateur SX my ass. Jumps always look easier on camera and the video doesn't do those obstacles justice. That track looked sketchy as hell for an amateur track. The only thing that look amateur was the whoops. Put me down as someone who thinks +95% of ... more »

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I have the Radius CX on my '18 YZ450F. It's the best mod I've ever put on a bike, including suspension work (granted the stock suspension on the YZs are phenomenal). I think it's the greatest mod ever invented. It's that damn amazing. If I don't want ... more »

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$670 sneakers? They had better make me dunk a basketball like a MF'er for that kind of coin.

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I couldn't give 2 shits about what happened between Eli and Joey. Eli was coming regardless, don't know if he would have got him or not, but it was going to be close. All I know is, Joey got the Jesse kid the payout of a lifetime and to me that is worth ... more »

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I've "rolled" an AMA Supercross track and it scared me, LOL. I've "ridden" an amateur SX track which I thought was a lot of fun, but it is WAY different than MX. The precision and technical aspects of it compared to brute speed and strength of MX are ... more »

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Thoughts now? As long as the team or company funded the whole trip, sure makes sense to me. If they are basically doing it on their own dime, it doesn't make sense - better off to properly train and ride here in the US. If company/team funded, I'd say ... more »

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I don't doubt he's the FMOTP outdoors, dude certainly hauls ass outdoors. I'd love to see him race the AMA series. I will say this though with 100% certainty. If he came to the US and raced SX then MX like the other riders normally do, there is a serious ... more »

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No, not in the same zip code on race day. To be fair, Roczen wasn't in the same zip code either. No points given out for qualifying last time I checked. I'm as 'Merican as apple pie, and I can call it for what it was....a beat down. I'd love to hear ... more »

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I think the American team (if serious about MXoN) should travel abroad and ride the last 2 rounds of the MXGP series to keep the downtime between when the AMA MX series ends and the MXoN race to a minimum. I also think it would help with getting acclimated ... more »

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6 week layoff. Don't under estimate the effects of that on how the team performed. Roczen also didn't fare very well. GP riders just finished their season last weekend. Normally during our US GP races, its within 2 weeks of our last MX race then followed ... more »

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Depending how things go with injuries, etc a Team Husky of Anderson, Osborne, and Convington might be a pretty good choice for team USA. Team unity would be solid, all training with Aldon, etc.

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You're not the only one. I like all racing, but my favorite is SX. I like the format, I like the "show" aspect of it, I like all of it. Hell, my wife likes Supercross - which says something. I also really like Motocross, but my wife says she just can't ... more »

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I think a very real possibility of Anderson, Osborne, and Convington would be a solid team if healthy of course. Team Husky.

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The AMA production is better than GPs, but not the riders or racing...........And I didn't do the MXGP-TV due to so many complaining about it. I always do the NBC Gold package. It was PAINFUL to watch commercials when you know there was racing going ... more »

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Today was certainly a statement by the GP riders. Another statement that might happen this coming season is if Covington wins a championship here in the US. Right now, if I were an up and coming rider, I'd be seriously considering trying to find a ride ... more »

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I should probably clarify something. I'm not embarrassed by the Americans (our team). I'm sure they gave their best. What's embarrassing to me is that every rider that raced in the US series was essentially not competitive today. Our series and the lack ... more »

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Well, it's a true statement! Maybe that will light a fire under some American riders asses to get better. Today was embarrassing. If they don't like it, do something about it.