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That's a clean bike, probably legitimately about 40 hours (Light, Very easy hours). Besides the obvious case wear, frame wear, chain guide, chain, and sprocket (all of which can be changed easily), I look at the frame under the engine. I never considered ... more »

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Good grief, who wouldn't want someone like Mathilde? I think she's awesome! Good for Marv, he got him a good one.

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I don't think Herlings would have given way to Tomac. Both of these guys are on a different level, but Herlings is more consistent. Eli on some days is like an alien from a different planet and I can see why one would think the fastest in the world. ... more »

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Not to get in the middle of this lovely internet swordfight, but that was the lap Eli tipped over. It's not like he ran a normal lap that slow. It was right after that he put the hammer down and set his fastest lap of the day and started making that ... more »

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Lumpy, most of your issues (1,3, and 4) you are complaining about are internet or modem related, not NBC Sports Gold related. I have an issue with only one TV in our house that does that - the one farthest away from the modem. We have Cox Gigablast internet ... more »

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I know this was a little dated, but I thought I would include the link on the yellow version New YZ in yellow

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I'll take my chances in a bad crash while wearing a neck brace over not wearing one. I don't find them restrictive at all, very comfortable with the new ones. Edit - I'm running an Atlas Air and much like the guys posted below me, I don't even know I ... more »

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Hp doesn't make nearly as much difference on a rough, bumpy, hard pack tracks because the extra power doesn't get to the ground. Wait until next weekend and let's revisit.

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Watching reruns of MX Nation of years past. Such an awesome show!

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Gotta love the outdoors!!!

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It's likely not that the supplement company put it in there and didn't label it correctly. The industry is super shady and unregulated for the most part. I doubt a company would add that to a product intentionally and not put it on the label. The most ... more »

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Simple solution, eat real food. Stop eating any shit you can't say without it being an acronym. I sincerely doubt Broc was trying to cheat, but it's too easy for products to get cross contaminated in an industry with little to no quality control or manufacturing ... more »

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Whoa, whoa, whoa......sailing

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Fellas, if you change your own tires and have had issues with getting the new tire on, pinching tubes, etc get the Baja No Pinch Tire tool. You're welcome.

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Back on topic fellas - dayum!!!

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Said they are getting factory rebate help to move the bikes.

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I have a buddy that was quoted $5700 OTD for a 2018 KX450. Some of the prices on them are crazy at the moment. Trying to get rid of all the current models to make a big splash with the 2019 models I presume.

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There was some glitch with the Roku NBC Gold channel last year on Roku. You could get some of the highlights and race replays, but not live motos. I believe this has been corrected for this year. I had to watch on Amazon Firestick as opposed to our Roku ... more »

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The guy has been riding in America for close to a decade now and hasn't been boo'd in the past outside of the "pull over" and this incident. Deductive reasoning isn't your strong suit. Personally, I'm a Musquin fan, as I am almost all of the riders. ... more »