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I think Budget rents to 18 years and up. They may have changed their policy, but I would check with them first. most other rental car companies are 25+. Good luck with it.

Added reply in a thread Small Toy Hauler? 8/21/2018 9:20 PM

I'm with you. I have a Carson Titan 24' that I bought a few years ago for $6200. I had to do a little work, but it's more than fine for moto camping. These are well built. durable haulers based on my experience. I used to rent and was able to try out ... more »

Added reply in a thread Mitchell Falk>>>>>> 8/21/2018 9:11 PM

Yup, he's ready for this level of racing. He needs this competition weekly to help him keep improving. Doesn't hurt working out at the Baker factory either. Good dude from a good family.

Added reply in a thread Pastrana statement 8/21/2018 5:35 PM

When I go to the track, I usually see a lot of good people riding and hanging out enjoying themselves. If you need a part or something due to a break down, inevitably you can find someone that will gladly help. I end up talking to some people and having ... more »

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I know it was the plastic square things you see, but adding more obstacles similar to those isn't the answer was my point. Just dock positions and riders will be more careful. JMHO

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I loved my 09, and I also love my 2018 Set up is critical though. I don't like the Ergos on the KTM and Huskies, just personal preference - I know they are good bikes. Not much of a Honda fan. Like the Kawi's and have always liked Suzuki's ... more »

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Doubt you will see more padded poles after the Jesse Nelson crash - for good reason. Actually handing out penalties would fix it if it really is that much of an issue.

Added reply in a thread Will Dungey loosen up after retirement? 8/18/2018 6:00 PM

Some guys look fast going slow, some guys look slow going fast. Dunge was the latter. I had the opportunity to meet him 2 times (randomly) outside of MX/SX. He's just a great young man. What you see is what you get with him. Tremendous ambassador for ... more »

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The Zook is a great bike for just about any average rider (most people) and it's price point is a great value. On the Podcast with Weege a few weeks back someone on the show pretty much said the RMZ 450 is an excellent bike that over 90% of the riders ... more »

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Got word that Mitchell is definitely in for this Saturday and the next. Looking forward to seeing him rip it up.

Added reply in a thread Place your bets on TP199.... 8/13/2018 8:52 PM

I have a suspicion that was the point of who they chose. Its for charity (which is great) and it feeds the atmosphere of the event/venue but won't be relevant or impactful on the big stage when the motos count.

Added reply in a thread Pastrana on Team Puerto Rico? 8/11/2018 5:27 PM

I have mixed feelings on this. I love Pastrana, but this is a serious race - the largest in US history. Hope he takes it as such. I dig Sipes and have no issue with him racing, especially a smoker. Ronnie Mac cracks me up, but this isn't a circus event. ... more »

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Saw that during qualifying and I was like Whoa! Seriously sick

Added reply in a thread Barcia doing a Barcia 8/11/2018 3:34 PM

Team manager probably gave Bam Bam a bonus for his gesture and uh, well his effort this whole season. I get he can't stand the YZ450, but next time don't just "follow the money". Don't get me wrong, I have no issue with making as much money as one can. ... more »

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Uh, I usually have a boner air moment every other weekend once I get tired and have a little whiskey throttle. I'm thankful every day for Ronnie Mac because I can fool maybe a handful people to think I'm playin around. My cardio sucks, well so does my

... more »
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I live in AZ and bought a 2018 YZ450 for $8150 OTD. At the time, the same 2018 model year KTM and Husky's were +$10,000 OTD. The dealer I went through only sells bikes with an "OTD" price, no haggling which I love. He said they have been selling a ton ... more »

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I made the switch from Astars to SG12's about 4 years ago. I'm sticking with Gaerne's going forward. They do feel more bulky and at first riding was challenging. I found myself brake tapping and down shifting by accident all the time. I looked like an ... more »

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In addition to what others have said for backing things down and working on technique, Ill add that you should invest in the best safety riding gear you can afford: knee braces, chest protector (not roost guard), neck brace, HELMET, boots, etc. you do ... more »

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I wish I had just a fraction of his style on a bike. Kid is so fun to watch.

Added reply in a thread Robbie Wageman 125 Race Footage 7/31/2018 7:45 PM

The kid can ride. I watched him in the AX races in Vegas and his whips are just flat out bitchin, like a camaro.