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I don't have any for sale, but check eBay. I have provably 15 in my garage that I got bought from there. Most from either nationals or sx races. I've also tried getting the RC poster, and even reached out to the photographer but didn't hear anything. ... more »

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‘19 450 SX-F. Love the bike for the most part, the Twisted Development ECU is awesome. Cons: sometimes I wish it was my 350, haha.

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You and me both. There was many nights I almost pulled the trigger. Like you, I thought it was missing a bit. I bought the Matrix box and over a couple weeks filled it up. Went a little overboard on a “track box” but I forgave myself.

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I personally like MX better, however it’s easier for a casual fan or someone who isn’t really into it or doesn’t ride to follow SX. My wife likes to watch sx with me, mx not so much.

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I'm all for the privateers, support them where I can. I like A-Ray, don't get me wrong, but when your branding yourself as "sketchy af" its hard to get behind.

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Love my Arc skinny levers. I used Torc1 for years, Really like the lever shape. Can’t go wrong with either in my opinion.

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Not a "huck" I guess you could say but remember watching Dean Wilson do this at Ironman in 2017 then shortly after they caught on to it they plowed it down. Seems like within ... more »

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Looks pretty comfortable to me…

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haha, I was thinking the same thing. I couldn't believe the Yamaha passed him either.

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Well, Oakhill has closed since like June, South Central closing, Texplex and Buffalo Creek prep not being very consistant, we might be driving to Oklahoma more often, haha. Nocona was a fun track. Really enjoyed riding there.

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I’m pretty sure you aren’t sandbagging in a pro race.

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hahaha that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this on instagram

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I’d like one if you still have some.

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I’m on the fence here. Past three bikes have been a KTM 350, 150 then now a 450sxf. The 350 was great! Power was perfect. Up two teeth in rear and FMF 4.1 system. 114 hours, not a single problem. Biggest flaw to the 350 was buying the 150 as a second ... more »

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Skipped out on work one day, I think it was like 2009 or so. Decided to ride Boulder Park in Dallas, I know the trail very well, and at that time was doing a fair amount of trail work there. Trail was tacky, and hit a root just right with wet tires on ... more »

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Michael Jackson died

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Another vote for Shady Grove. Haven’t been since 2008 or so. Sketchy track and you never know who’s going to show up. There will be a full on cookout going on and someone will jump on one of the handful of chinese four wheelers they brought, drunk as ... more »

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If guys quit acting like they were pros and actually rode the shit they'd find out its pretty damn good. I've had three of these all set up and revalved and love the suspension. Quit acting like you can tell the difference between a clicker, this is ... more »

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I’m using the p3. Really like how minimal it is. Fit is great. The ones that come on the factory editions are pretty nice. That was my first choice but couldn’t find one at the time.