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I had a 19 and loved it. Super fun bike, shouldn't hav sold it! Milled down the head and cleaned up the ports, thicker base gasket to get the squish right modded the carb (pretty good write up on thumper talk) FMF Fatty/Shorty combo Vforce4 reeds 50t ... more »

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doing what you can with what you got. Funny that some of you jokers make fun of it while your bike goes to the shop for a top end....

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I'll take the levers if first dibs doesn't. I'm local, so I'd come pick 'em up.

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He’ll love anything moto. Googles and gloves are some of the things you can have duplicates of the same thing.

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I'm here 80% of the time on laptop. I'm just glad this place is still going. There isn't any other forums like this still running.

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Shoot me a text at nine seven two 740 7fourone6. I have a set I took off a bike I got in a trade and I have no use for. I don’t know anything about them but I’ll send you pics and you can decide if you want them.

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Before I go buy new, anyone offloading a set of ARC, ASV or Torc1 unbreakable levers?

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Grapevine has a new one for less than that....

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my 19 150 ran great at 44:1. I liked the Motorex oil as well. Look up the slide notch mod, it helped me some.

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Mainly shrouds, but I'd be interested in a full set too. its for a 450sxf, though I don't think that matters. Thanks!

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t guys putting the GasGas header on these bikes?

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I'd be a buyer at 100 plus shipping.

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Have you ridden a 350? I prefer that over the 450 by far. I like riding up in the rpms, and felt like I couldn't do that on a 450. the 450 wasn't as much fun. Guys mod their 450s too, ya' know.

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I could care less what they make. Looks like they do pretty well, that’s all I know. I don’t see what any of that keeps them from being a professional organization. I’d imagine a professional cornhole player doesn’t get threads about him selling a car ... more »

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Yep. I’m on my 150 smoker 90% of the time and never once considered chopping the throttle on a jump, sounds like a scalded ape everywhere. Lean forwards some, then go from there. Brake tapping is one way but I don’t like doing it unless I have to. I’ve ... more »

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TrUsT tHe PrOcEsS

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Haha good to know I wasn’t the only one that looked to see what it was. I thought my internet connection was bad.

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415- first number I was ever assigned by ABA in like 1990. Just kinda’ stuck around. I think my favorite name and number explanation when we did this topic awhile back back was the 314, the guys last name was Pie.

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It’s because he hasn’t been to Hooters in awhile...

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Worse case you can buy different end caps. Same was the case with the 19+ Kx450.