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TrUsT tHe PrOcEsS

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Haha good to know I wasn’t the only one that looked to see what it was. I thought my internet connection was bad.

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415- first number I was ever assigned by ABA in like 1990. Just kinda’ stuck around. I think my favorite name and number explanation when we did this topic awhile back back was the 314, the guys last name was Pie.

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It’s because he hasn’t been to Hooters in awhile...

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Worse case you can buy different end caps. Same was the case with the 19+ Kx450.

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In these times, I’d be careful if I didn’t take those pictures.

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I’m generally one of the first to show up at a track in the morning mainly so I can find a tree so I don’t have to put mine up

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LOVE my 150. Too much fun. Been debating, but think I’ll finally sell my 350. 150 is my bike of choice, and I like deep loamy sand.

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Didnt K2 build a bike around that too? I remember thinking it looked ridiculous. Looks like one more thing I really don't want to have to fuck with on a mx'er.

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I am extremely lucky to have a Dad who can fix damn near everything. At 32, I’m still learning something from him. I’d blow a bike up, we’d tear it apart, he’d teach me how to fix it. I rebuilt his pressure washer awhile back, he started it up and gave ... more »

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Hell yes. I’ll get that sorted before I even ride a bike. Also get your static sag and rider sag dialed in. Grab a sag scale, great tool to have. When you set your sag, do it in your riding position, that makes a huge difference. I stand probably 90% ... more »

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This. I’m really happy with mine. I also have a custom Matrix box for the track. I went a little overboard on it, but nice to have. I’d go with a bigger box if I were you, you’ll fill that up in no time. Picks! Make sure you get some. You’ll use them ... more »

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Get an inverter and keep an eye on your battery if your just trying to run a couple fans. That’s the cheap way out. The inverter on my truck runs a fan just fine.

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Depends on how often I’m riding. Perfect world, I ride atleast once a week, occasionally twice. When I’m doing that, I feel great! Building each time. There’s also a good bit of cycling in there. Lately been balancing a heavy work load, two houses and ... more »

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That’s what I’m saying. Too many guys read reviews of pros or past pros about the suspension on the KTM. My 350 is mostly stock suspension wise and had LDR do his WP upgrade on my 150. Both bikes feel awesome! don’t need no Cone Valves to have a nice ... more »

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I see it for harmonics, I had a carbon MTB frame that would vibrate and chatter if I hit the rear brake. XTR brakes, soft pads. Put a small weight on chainstay, problem was gone. Later on some guys did science shit about it, did harmonics tests and dorked ... more »

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A true beginner- get what you can afford. You don’t need a 650 lid and 600 tech tens to roll everything at a track. That’s why people don’t join the sport. Go grab some tech 3, a MIPS close out helmet and some gear you think looks good. Likely nothing ... more »

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As much as I agree with all the Texas suggestions, if your not from here or not use to the heat in the summer, you can get in trouble pretty quick.

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What’s his favorite color? Good lord, some of you guys dick ride the shit out of pros. Stay out of their business, that’s pretty damn lame.