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Here i is Another one , these RMZ450's seem like a great deal to me ... more »
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I am against less but i am for Trying something else for a start like lining up like nascar and doing a pace lap Have Rv, mcgrath, dungey etc rotate different people to ride the pace bike, do a lap slow and Lay down a chalk stripe across the middle of ... more »

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I hear that the Girls that have been chosen have gotten a lot other opportunities because of it, it opens a lot of doors for them so based on that i would definitely try to do it.

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Yeah i went to Minnesota this year and last year , and last year they at least played some funny video's with Dean Wilson running around doing funny stuff This year the intro's where pretty boring , they need to work on that imo , let them do some fun ... more »

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Haha i like that plan

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Very well put and i agree with all of your points except for 1 And that is that the its maxed out for males I really dont think thats true, i think this is a wierd time for the sport of mx because i think there is a huge portion of the population that ... more »

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I like everything dirt bike related and i like the Makeup2mud segments personally, but as far as growing to sport i think there are things that could be more beneficial, but i wasnt thinking specifically about selling Toyotas, if i was just trying to ... more »

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I think he is Saying half assed in comparison, but its not like he wasnt in shape he is just in better shape now

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I never really thought about before but now that you say it why wouldn't they show the Junior race or as much of it as possible it seems that would do a lot to get young kids interested imo

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This seems like a good deal too
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KTM came out with a much better bike right when Ken left I always wondered if he ever got to test it before he left?

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Tomac Doesn't have that Hyper drive extra gear this year, Maybe he will get it back hopefully, he is still coming off of an injury that he originally kept quiet, maybe that us having an effect mentally as well as physically.

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I Think 1 or the othet has Likely already signed with Honda Joey or Adam Likely Adam since he is Super close with everyone at Honda But with Joey Believing that there was a Good chance of adam Moving up who's to say he hasn't already signed on with another ... more »

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They said in the press Conference i just watched that they got new dirt in the Arlington stadium this year i new something was different i went and watched in 2017 the night Marvin Got his first 450 win and it was like concrete that night, much better ... more »

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Yeah that sounds like a Deal for sure

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My thoughts exactly i was watching live timing at the same time and i knew something happened to Tomac and i was thinking wow are they really not gonna say anything About the biggest star of the sport crashing out of 2nd place This year has been really ... more »

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He is a Talented guy but I can hardly remember a series he finished without injury? He did seem to be Riding really well these last few times he has Raced though, it would be cool to see him out there He has a lot of talent still for sure!

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I Had him on my fantasy team i couldn't resist after Qualifying even though i was questioning his stamina, He still did ok points wise i think 30 points in pulp fantasy. Imo he has the speed and ability the only piece of the package missing is stamina ... more »

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Whats the best deal you can find or have seen on a used 2012 or Newer 450? After doing a little searching

These are the best deals ive found ... more »

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That didnt look like Trying to save himself lol, if so he didnt do a very good job of it, but im not sure why he didn't rejoin the race?