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Learn to swim.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CehYA3omb5o

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Kinda like this....

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High School Metal Shop.... (yea that used to be a thing). The welding tables were steel tables that were covered with bricks. Acetylene is heavier than air. We would "fill up" the bench with Acetylene and the next guy to put a torch to the bench would ... more »

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The spew of social media warriors is like the writing on the wall of a bathroom stall in a rest stop off I-5.... Sometimes entertaining and sometimes horrific/disturbing, but definitely not to be taken seriously...

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Magoo about to taste some mud at the bottom of Webco Hill. 82 CMC Golden State Nats - Saddleback.

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Wow. Those are serious injuries. Sucks....

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That was really cool! The audio got a little harsh at times, but loved it all. Gawd I miss racing... Thanks to all involved.

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Awesome post (top post on page 14 no less 😀)

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I was always a fan of Seely as a racer. Definitely not a fan of his Supreme / Wheelie Boy shtick. Maybe some folks over at Honda corporate had similar feelings?

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Hell yeah!! That is such great news!! Fight on Brian.

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Oh Nooooo!

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Dave Osterman comes to mind.

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Stumbled across these I had saved on my computer

Not sure where they came from.... Death once had a near Weston Peick experience. Weston Peick cased a triple the other day. The triple jump is in the ICU unit in stable condition. When Mr. Bell ... more »

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