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"...mid pack 40C rider doing butt wiggle scrubs." Hahahah - now that is funny! What a visual.

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Go Browine!!!

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Whew! I started to get worried. Thanks for the update - We need this track!!

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Oakley Split Thump Glasses

Atreyu - Falling down
Bad Religion - Supersonic
Pulley - Insects Destroy

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Brownie rode yesterday at Milestone (YOT). Big difference from the CAS 450, but I am betting he'll get it dialed in.

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Damn - just heard Metcalfe went down at milestone and got carted off. Looks like a collerbone / shoulder deal. Bummer!

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Thanks for an informed opinion. It is silly to think you can perform at that level and be partying it up all week and not training. I can't say I condone what went down in Texas, but hopefully he will make the best of the second chance he has been given. ... more »

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McDonalds and Burger King? Hahahaha!

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Here are some pics: Click Here

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