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Don’t want to speculate, but my guess is it would look like shit!!! Rather be seen riding one of the old Yz’s with the radiator on the triple clamps!!! Better yet....... I’d rather be seen owning a Cannondale!!,!! Hahahahahahah

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KTM will have one more card (one more vote) on the Moto GP circuit(not Mx GP). Honda use to bully, gang up on, and use it power to call all the shots. KTM (and any other opposing mfg) was always royally screwd. Funny how in 30 short years the tables ... more »

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..... Modern four strokes are way more reliable than 2 strokes ever were. .... Since Yamaha has the best bikes right out of the crate..... this should have been a stock vs stock comparison. Sometimes modifying your bike messes up the easy to use characteristics, ... more »

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Has the fuel tank been removed recently? Make sure the fuel line is not pinched or twisted. Sounds silly, but it’s very easy to do.

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It may be assembly grease burning off. Not a problem.

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McGrath and Emig

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Great video!!! I actually sat down and watched the whole video. Love me some 2 stroke!!! Those late 90’s early 00 Yamaha’s were the cleanest in the pits. Simple graphics, with blue and silver. Oh DV, Joyeax Anniversaire!!!

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Man, i still like all the Kawi’s of the 90’s

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As mentioned above, most people dont know to check ring gap or how to check ring gap. Most of the time, ring will need to be filed down to achieve the proper clearence. The newer the cylinder the more material needs to be filed off. A very worn cylinder ... more »

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Congrats!!! I wonder when a few of the factories are going to take note of the current resurgence of 125’s. Just sayin...

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Wow, nice find!!!!

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I got Mookie somwhere in the top 3 all season. Dont forget about Zack. If both can stay healthy the competition better watch out. Im dialing 1-800-Mook

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Carb looks interesting. Never heard of them, nor can i find their web site. If you get one keep us posted. Congrats!!!

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The smell of a 2-stroke burning race gas gives me a wood!!!

... more »
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Grips and graphics bro!!! Cant wait to see the final masterpiece...

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Thats normal. I just picked up 2 18 250SX's for $5999 each. I was able to talk the freight and bullshit set up down from $450 to $260 each. After taxes, and the other few bullshit doc fees they don't tell you about till signing, it came out to $6800 ... more »

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DV knows whats up!!! Steel frame Smoker!!!

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Lunniss defenently has the street cred. You have to admire someone who’s not afraid to call out, not only Decoster and Honda, but HRC.

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Its simple math. 3 outdoor titles =‘s 3 million in bonuses. 1 supercross title =‘s 1 million in bonuses. Think you know my answer. Numbers dont lie, people do....

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84 to 85 Atc 250R!!!