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Sorry man,that’s no contest. Both James and Ricky would hang it out so far over their head just to win. Villopoto only had Dung. No dis respect!!, Dung was cosistent, he would not hang it out. Villo may have had way more mistakes if he had someone pressuring ... more »

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Man they were fast. When you take people who grew up riding 2 strokes this is what you get. They charged from the start of the race to the finish. Wide open on a 450!!!! Now they settle into a pace and decided to battle within the last 5 minutes if they ... more »

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You can always find someone’s living room queen they hug laundry on for years. You can find killer deals on Facebook and craigslist. Components in the last 10 years are great. Spend your money on a good set of shoes out of the box and don’t look back. ... more »

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Make sure the fuel line is not twisted or pinched while re-installing the gas tank. Sounds simple, but it’s real easy to do. If not you may have a clogged fuel injector. Had this problem on a 13 YZ450. Would not rev past a certain rpm. You can send it ... more »

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Since DV trains him and he use to be Le Cobra, I think he needs to be Little Cobra. Or Petit Cobra.

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Bailey and Eckman are hard to beat.

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Man, that track got chewed up!!!

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I don’t mind a couple here or there. It changes it up. With everything at the touch of our hands (iPhone) people are searching for instant gratification or excitement. All the races can’t be barn burners. That’s just the way it goes. I am not a 4t hater ... more »

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Best wishes, and get well soon Zombie Blose!!!

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Welcome back Ralph!!!

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Wow, we’ve reached a all time low. Love Doddy’s comment.

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That last restart changed a lot. On a positive note. Good to see the AMA following the rules that are inside the rule book.

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People have very small attention spans with the internet and Facebook nowadays . That was last week. It’s over!!! Nothing to see here, move along.

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C’mon, it’s not that bad.. I must say. Carmichael is doing a great job. He’s lean and he has improved tremendously since last year.

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Congrats Kenny!!! His bike is looking the best I’ve seen a Honda look 👀 in sometime.

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Don’t know what he’s riding now in 2020. No one mentioned that he was tearing it up on a UNDERPOWERED RMZ450 (Post Career)!!!!

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Loved the review and still love seeing the older bikes. Really miss the days when bikes had very, very different characteristics and traits. Reading the petty stuff people on Vital dislike about a bike really makes me sick. Today all bikes have power ... more »

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Three Consecutive Post By Jame’s!!! My opinion and take on the matter: JAME’S IS COMMING HOME BABY!!!!!!!!

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Love the Schlitz ad. Remember the saying “Schlitz gives you shits”.... Ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Rupert, please post a old cigarette ad. Either from a MX or XXX mag. Remember how they all said “ TASTE GREAT”!!! I’m sorry, but cigarettes don’t Fuxxxxxing “Taste

... more »
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Agreed. Rode everyday growing up. Could not wait to get out of school to ride in our yard, the field, or the trails down the road. Even rode those dangerous 3 wheelers (joke). Turning came natural. I never noticed it until 4 strokes came out. The old ... more »