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This is exactly right. Tomac cleared Barcia at the 10:07 mark, had a clear track in front of him and didnt make up any time on 4,9 & 1

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You are not the only one who has brought up Webb's "mysterious inside gate pick" so lets clear that up right now. Webb finished 6th in Heat 1...results....94-16-3-46-7-1.....Heat 2....9-10-4-51-21-27...Heat 1 was quicker so Webb got gate choice 11 and ... more »

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I think the solid or two-tone color schemes normally look the best. Maybe cause its a little more subtle or perhaps I'm just to old for all the swirly neon.

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That's some funny shit right there.....and yes, I would totally watch that too

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I think the penalty is appropriate but that was the weirdest track cutting event I've ever seen. I don't know if he was disoriented as to his position on the racetrack or what but there was no hesitation in riding backwards on the track, than swerving ... more »

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Overall a fairly underwhelming performance by the 450 group as a whole. Barcia and AC are the only ones who looked kinda racey and fast. CW is my guy but he just looked slow and wasn't on his game but Baggett, Anderson, Roczen, and Tomac weren't catching ... more »

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Yes, love Osbourne, that guy is a killer. He has had a different career trajectory than the average rider and is still a major player for sure. Bummer with him and Musquin is the age thing. Those guys are both 30, (MM will be this month), and 30 these ... more »

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I know everyone loves Adam and hes the big fan favorite etc and many folks are calling him a serious title contender but that guy turned pro in '13, and I understand injuries are a big part of this sport, but he was never able to close the deal in a ... more »

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Its interesting how this goon is showing pretty good form and clearly ahead of our Justin Cooper replica/wannabe layin in the dirt....the one thing that trumps pretty much all goony behavior is f'n winning

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South Carolina State Championship SOBMX 9/15 Mike Brown, Luke Neese, Nick Gaines were some of the guys in the pro class

Started new thread Unadilla this morning 8/7/2019 3:29 AM

Rained pretty good yesterday but forecast is calling for a clear weekend with cooler temps. Track conditions should be great on Saturday.

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I think Marchbanks won't be 18 until Oct. As far as I know BH is already 21. In the next 3+ yrs will Marchbanks be able to produce or exceed Hartranft's results? Probably so. I don't think those 2 guys are that far apart right now and if I had to choose, ... more »

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I have been able to watch MV race in person several times at different events and this kid always looks so flawless on the motorcycle. There is a whole crop of these amateurs in the 14-17 yr old range that will be turning pro in the next couple of seasons ... more »

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its confirmed pit gossip, thats our US team

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Yes, the bare wooden stakes you see will have repeater banners attached along various locations around the edge of the track.

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Ive been at the track all day and it hasn't rained more than a few drops, pretty windy and overcast though

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Hard to laugh at that cause that would be me @50+ trying to ride a pro SX track :/ but that is good a good clip for sure

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I haven't looked this up but I think McGrath was like 28yrs 7mos when he won his last title, pretty sure he is the oldest to win a SX championship but as I say I didn't research that.

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AC d.o.b 10/20/96 , will be 23 in October

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Marty has looked pretty good the times he has been on the 450 and I know it's his goal to land a 450 factory ride. With that said, majority of his 250 career has been fairly underwhelming compared to expectations and recently he does interviews where ... more »