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I’m pretty confident Gopher can put a good SX track together. I think it will end up a lot better then rounds like Hamilton have been in the past. I’m actually pretty excited for it, outdoor SX is cool in my mind for whatever reason.

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Going by Suzuki’s website we don’t get the 250 in Canada for 2020. Seems like Suzuki is throwing in the towel. I wouldn’t expect big things from them.

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I like ZackAtk1 channel. Not so much build and prep stuff but lots of hare scramble, hard enduro and riding trips vlogs. Entertaining guy that can get a bike around the woods pretty good.

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I hope they figure it out. It’s been a pretty poor product put out since Jetwerx has taken over. Not like the old series was perfect by any means and it really seems like the Jetwerx guys have tried. So far it isn’t great though. I casually know some ... more »

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Are they planning on allowing fans? I would assume no but haven’t seen anything confirming either way.

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That’s terrible. Hope he makes a full healthy recovery.

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I don't mind when people throw their opinion out there once in a while. I find it interesting and I like to hear different view points. Ping's twitter is the complete opposite of the right way to do it though. Was a fan but can't follow or support what ... more »

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At this point I only wear FLY. I’m a big fan of the Pulp show and really enjoy the product Steve and those guys put out. Anyways always enjoy JT’s segment and what he brings so simply supporting those guys got me to try the brand. From there it was the ... more »

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I think I heard him say somewhere he had always planned on buying a KTM 2 stroke once the season was over. Was just going to be riding for fun and wanted a two stroke but a modern chassis so it was going to be KTM/Husky. I imagine it wouldn’t make much ... more »

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Don’t ride dude. It’s not worth getting busted up with no one to help. I know it sucks but in the long run I really believe it’s the right decision. We’re slightly behind you guys up here in Canada but I think we will be in trouble early next week. I’m ... more »

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I really don’t think this is going to be a few week problem. I kinda doubt there will be anymore supercross races this year. I hope I’m wrong but I’m mentally preparing myself that this is going to be a few month deal. Going to be bigger problems to ... more »

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Oh cool. I ran my nail over it and it would catch a little so I thought I was into getting it replated for sure. I'll get back to cleaning it up and take some measurements. Thanks for the input I appreciate it.

Started new thread Do I need to replate this? 3/3/2020 6:04 PM

I’m pretty sure the answer is yes I will need to send this cylinder out to be replated from the scratch you can see in the photo. Confirmation would be appreciated though. Thanks guys.

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I don’t know about this stuff but I do have a question. Is it not insane investing $400,000 in a machine to pump out some big bore kits? I understand you would amortize it over say 20 years and it would have value you could sell it for but still that’s ... more »

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Go for it man. I didn’t start until I was 29 although I had been riding motorcycles for years before. My girlfriend got into it as well and we both races MX and hare scrambles.

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Listened to the Pulp Renthal reaction show. I want to say Paul Perebijnos said it was 240 grams lighter then a fatbar. Doesn’t matter to me at that price they can keep it. But I’m slow.

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That would be cool. Really enjoy watching Hill ride. I could see 3rd to 8th place fairly consistently. A win might be a big ask but other then the Star guys I can’t see a bunch of dudes in that class completely working Hill on the regular? Do it.

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Straight Rhythm. Love the format, super entertaining having a new race every minute or so. MEC or any of the triple crowns for again the short multiple races. Kind of weird answers from me considering I'm more into the outdoors then supercross.

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Villopoto is Monster sponsered and was running the claw on his bike. Don’t think there is a conspiracy here. Red Bull always seems super cool with competitors riders being involved in Red Bull events.

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I don’t watch much of the GP’s but Malin has to be the best announcer in the business. JT$ was good as well. No idea how Emig gets a job. The rain on the camera’s was brutal. Like I understand it’s a little tough to control the weather but there has ... more »