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Has Forrest put out a retraction yet?

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Money. Tough to get a contract in the U.S. if you want to go outdoors only. I don’t think many want to ride SX for fun though. It’s rare to see a retired rider riding sx other then a couple test riders. Hanny and Hill (when he’s not racing) are two of ... more »

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I'm a big fan of what Hill puts out. Can watch him ride all day long. Looks like he is enjoying life. The Alta in the skate park wearing just skate shoes was kind of nuts, can't imagine hitting that stuff never mind without boots.

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Vince is 4th in points, 8 down from 3rd. He has a legit shot at getting top 3 in the series. I don't blame him and Craig can find a way to make the pass. Craig fan here btw and have no real opinion on Vince.

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Not sure if he is joking or not but Mosiman is claiming it’s his fault. Last 2 minutes of the press conference.

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I check it all the time during the races. Good for things happening during the race but not covered by the cameras.

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Dean would be a factor in the Canadian series and in the mix for the championship without question. Top 5 was Dylan Wright, Jess Pettis, Marshall Weltin, Cole Thompson and T-Dags. T-Dags is semi retired and the guy who got 6th does HVAC for a living. ... more »

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Genuinely curious. Name one North American athlete that has had a heart attack, dropped dead or fainted from the vax? I can’t think of one.

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Dudes with cone valves rolling jumps.

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Have had quickshifters on a number of street bikes. Personally I think it will be awesome for moto. Maybe not a big deal on a 450 (I’m not good enough for 450’s anyways) but awesome keeping a 250f pinned and grabbing gears.

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I don’t blame him but it does seem like Mike moves from right to the left quite a bit in the video. The other guy was going slow enough that I feel Mike probably should’ve been able to see him when he was in the air the jump prior. Tough vid to really ... more »

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Hey man, It’s tough. I remember when my first long term gf and myself split it took a long time for things to feel normal. There was no escaping it, the minute I would wake up till I went to bed it was on my mind and just picked away at me. Good news ... more »

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I hope your friend is able to quickly make a full recovery and get back to doing what he loves soon. Sounds like a cool guy that loves moto.

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I haven't raced mx since 2019. Got sick of seeing my friends getting hurt and sometimes hurt bad. A guy in one of my races passed away and I think I raced once after that. That's the main reason. Just behind that is the jumps getting too big/peaked out ... more »

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I’m pretty confident Gopher can put a good SX track together. I think it will end up a lot better then rounds like Hamilton have been in the past. I’m actually pretty excited for it, outdoor SX is cool in my mind for whatever reason.

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Going by Suzuki’s website we don’t get the 250 in Canada for 2020. Seems like Suzuki is throwing in the towel. I wouldn’t expect big things from them.

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I like ZackAtk1 channel. Not so much build and prep stuff but lots of hare scramble, hard enduro and riding trips vlogs. Entertaining guy that can get a bike around the woods pretty good.

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I hope they figure it out. It’s been a pretty poor product put out since Jetwerx has taken over. Not like the old series was perfect by any means and it really seems like the Jetwerx guys have tried. So far it isn’t great though. I casually know some ... more »

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Are they planning on allowing fans? I would assume no but haven’t seen anything confirming either way.

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That’s terrible. Hope he makes a full healthy recovery.