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Reply to 1977 Honda CR125 paint advice please 11/30/2020 10:57 AM

Wet 2K is what the factory used? If you not going to race it, no need for powder coat. And its not fun to remove if you are not satisfied..

Reply to Quick ID 11/22/2020 12:27 PM

Some GP teams in 90's used öhlins conventional forks Öhlins factory definitly have the spec/data, try contact them or a good dealer/öhlins service

Reply to Quick ID 11/22/2020 6:13 AM

Maby its hard to idetify by that picture alone.. The sticker say Öhlins and it looks like the inner forklegs are goldplated, so it probably is Öhlins fork, i think its hard to say anything moore without dimensions and the stamped numbers on the forks.. ... more »

Reply to Big Gun (big bore)#1 11/14/2020 4:03 PM

In general, yes it works But you might consider it will increase crankcase volume, maby its a benefit? If you find a piston with 5mm lower compression hight(from pin to top of piston) you will keep volume the same as before

Reply to Forkboots Showa 49mm 9/26/2020 3:20 PM

I use a Husky wheel, so i just fab a torque arm. Dont think disk looks right on a twinshock, but its heavy and a bigbore, so maby i change my mind about it.. Its illegal in twinshock class anyway, so i can build any way i want

Reply to Forkboots Showa 49mm 9/24/2020 2:44 PM

I thought the Drz had the same 45mm fork as Rmx, but you are right they have 49mm open cartridge. Thanks

Reply to Forkboots Showa 49mm 9/24/2020 1:20 PM

The plan is to try them on a CR250 -80 with 480 engine. Do you still run them on the KX?

Reply to Forkboots Showa 49mm 9/23/2020 11:23 PM

Thanks, i will look in to that

Reply to Forkboots Showa 49mm 9/23/2020 11:20 PM

Black is what im looking for, do you remember brand or seller? Cant find any on ebay..

New thread Forkboots Showa 49mm 9/22/2020 3:23 AM

Does anyone know where i can find forkboots that fit Showa 49mm conventional forks (RM125 -97)?

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Reply to Hydro clutch on vintage bike? 9/20/2020 2:25 PM

Magura Hymec could work, the one that have a pulling slavecylinder you use instead of wire. If they dont list your bike, you can measure the length of pulling rod you need and compare with a listed bike

Reply to What was the hot setup for 1988 KX250 forks? 8/22/2020 12:51 AM

Measure the springs, length/diameter, and compare to other 43mm forks, maby there are some other brands that fit?

Reply to Jiri Dostal's 1999 Rm125 7/31/2020 1:57 PM

That tab on triple tree is found in hardwarestores, its for zip-tie cabels etc (in Sweden its called "anchor")

Reply to Aftermarket CR250R cylinder? 7/27/2020 6:43 AM

Left FL350 and ATC250 to the right

FL350 head compared to CR480 ... more »
Reply to Aftermarket CR250R cylinder? 7/27/2020 6:35 AM

I guess you have to take the cylinder of to see what you have. Maby ATC250 cylinder have smaller cooling finns then CR250, and you have ATC head? FL350, Mugen and "Hondaline 300"(HRC?) have 7 bolts to the head if i remember correct.

Reply to 1985 cr125 Clutch Problems 7/11/2020 5:02 PM

The part fische show two different washers, maybe different thicknes.. Make sure the washer press against the needlebearing and not clutch basket

Reply to 1985 cr125 Clutch Problems 7/10/2020 3:11 AM

On first pic it look like the whole pack of friction plates are to far out? Check washers between hub and basket?

Reply to Paint code 6/21/2020 12:56 PM

Reply to Paint code 6/20/2020 12:22 PM

I have a paint code, not RAL i cant post pics from my phone.. I try tomorrow

Reply to Honda CR250/480 clutch hub 6/4/2020 12:50 PM

Thank you