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What size is it?

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Make a headstay? Dont have to be pretty, just work.. Measure squish when you assemble, so you dont get a suprise.

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Allballs have fork-conversion berings, check there site Then you can use 89 triples

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Thanks Used the black helmet just to try it, think i will use a White one

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I really wanted this facemask as a kid in 80´s, now I have found one in very good shape :-) Its made in Sweden, by AP products if I remember correct. Edit: made by "miniMAN" Enköping, Sweden I don't know if they where exported to US?

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Intresting, is that a PC reservoir? Bump stop is missing in both shocks....

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I think Hasletjoe mean that "fettling, spanners and a torch" are Brittish English and it is different from American English. Good luck with the BSA

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Cool I like the idea of AC and vintage look with modern parts, but imo sidepanels, seat, fender from 84 looks better. Ride report?

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Sorry, dont have the cover

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Let me know if there is something else you need, I might have it.

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I put up some more, just click on sellers other items

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To bad i read your build thread just now.. I have fmf and PC pipes, maby a Rinaldi (messico) pipe also (not sure on year model), and a ohlins shock.. But i am located in Sweden so there is shipping also..

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I put up some nos ktm parts for sale, if someone needs. I have more, just take time to go throu everything.

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I think I understand your doubts. If someone (collector?) would pay enough or trade a restored race ready bike, I would do that to save it. otherwise I would ride it and keep it in good shape

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Think Huskvarna used that model until mid 70's, then they had the bent model similar to Honda. Cant find price, but the later(bent) model goes for £20 used here in Sweden

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Stolen? If someone stold a bike like that it would be a little hard to sell it for big money, but it would be easy to sell it for fast money to a newbie who dont not know how special it is and thinking he buy a stock CR500.. and then he need some parts ... more »

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Found pictures of winter 2006 and spring 07 just before I sold the Huskys, wish I still had the 400 but I needed founding's and space for the new bike..

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Cool bikes, i think CR -86 is one of the best looking MX bikes ever. I had a WR400 -84, really good woods bike when you got used to the exhaustpipe... Did mostly playriding on it, had a Husaberg 550 for racing, but i raced it on one winter competition, ... more »

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CR500 can make some serious HP if built right. Dont know so much about hillclimb, but my guess its all about mid - high power. If it was my bike and on a budget i would look up that cpi pipe so it is made for the power range i want, then port the cylinder ... more »