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Not mine, but maby someone find it interesting.. It's up for auction on a sweden site.

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The main reason would be weight, i have not put it on the scale and confirmed myself.. But If you have same od the 19 would have a lot less rubber. I suspect it will vary between different tyre brands also, think Nino did compare some tires in a thread ... more »

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Merry Christmas to you! (Time to start belive in Santa again?)

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Dont know about cdi, but i know old SEM-stators could brake like that, so it might be stator/generator coil

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Good, thanks! I get a little confused when there is talk about midvalve and compression damping, but of course everything works together and affects each other. It sounded a little backwards with adjusting rebound with preload, sound much better to choose ... more »

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This is very interesting, don't get me wrong here, I try to learn and understand. The way I see it, rebound is controlled by shimstack on "midvalve", but to adjust rebound you change spring preload and/or oil viscocity, or change the shimstack. Compression

... more »
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Maby öhlins was testing a convertion kit? Pretty sure Husqvarna did there own development with the factory riders

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Thought I share this..

Swedish magazine from july 1982, Husqvarna monoshock mag says: "built of old husky parts by Öhlins" picture taken at Swedish championship at Upplands-Väsby, walking distance from Öhlins factory. Rider is Ove Ekegren

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Do you have a picture of the fixture you use in the lathe?

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Spoke with a suspension builder today, rebound shim is delta shaped, but as I suspected they are supposed to be assembled in the same direction.

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I was going to change bushings and seal on the forks, and not play with setting, but it was so much crap in the valves i have to Clean them. compression shim-stack looks standard to me(round shims in varios sizes) But the rebond have triangle/delta shaped ... more »

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Själv är jag 43. Ja, dragracing är ballt men det kostar som sagt.. Har en kompis som håller på att bygga en super twin i Uppsala, Janne på DWR, han kan säkert hjälpa dig med crossdelar oxå.

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Jag bor i sävja, har hojarna på jobbet i Funbo-Lövsta. Letar hus men det är ju löjliga priser... Hållit på med hojar länge? Själv har jag alltid pysslat med motor, växlat mellan cross/landsvägshoj/usa bilar/offroad..

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Ha,ha liten värld ibland, jag bor också i Uppsala! Såg nu att du hämtade bilden på nätet. Just a translation: we found out we live in same city!

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Cool with own design! Maby some local company like thorsells can help you, but Evo-mx has the template (mall).. Do you race that monster? Where in sweden are you?

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Have no idea about value, but the pinging issue most likely comes from bad designed combustionchamber. (heat and high comp) Check with Gorr or some other twostroke tuner, if they dont have a ready fix they should be able to calculate and redesign it

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Its as i suspected then.. I have no experience in cheap rims, only riding on excel/DID and old Husky rims, dont remember but i Think it was "Nordic rims" made in Norway? I Think i go for Excel as i want golden, or maby SM-pro..

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Cheap ones on ebay Have anyone tried these? I guess its as usual, if you pay 1/3 of price you get 3-times disappointment..

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I always think of that also I sold my Husky wr250 -07 a couple month ago, i wrote in the ad "this bike has been raced and maintained as a racebike", but im not sure if those who read the ad understand..

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Absolutely worth restoring! Have no idea about value in Greece, but here in sweden it would go for about 800 euro.