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willing to sell the left fork lug?

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heard hes getting ready to run the factory Yamaha that AP and Barcia ran last year... said its great training to turn the blue bike at race pace.... (all jokes aside, i ride a yz250f and love it, but everyone complains about how heavy and wide they are) ... more »

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the guys that do this stupid shit, need to be banned for a few races.. this is completely ridiculous.. talk about wearing out your welcome.. pretty soon they wont let anybody race there because of jackasses like those guys...

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thanks... i just spent about 2 hours going down the element 115 rabbit hole....

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Norco. 92860. can meet at Perris/elsinore or GH...

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probably doesnt want to leave his chick here... it took him awhile to land her.. and hes bros with her dad.. probably in love and doesnt want to leave is my best guess.. and im sure the Gasgas team gave him a raise vs him at star due to his influence ... more »

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you must not have ever ridden a 350.. completely different feel than a detuned 450... i did that to mine, and the 350 is still easier to ride(turn, feels light in the air).. and i have a yz250f that is built(everything but valves), and i would still ... more »

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Just like the title states, brand new never mounted. just going with pirellis for now.

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paul perebinjos.

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i lost weight (215lbs), and now i have 0 arm pump(170lbs).. if you are less than 6ft, or are a bodybuilder.. i think you will notice a big difference if you get to sub 180lbs...

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i use a seat bump.. its way more comfortable for me and keeps me in a more athletic position almost the entire time i ride..

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Certainly a major feat to get into the top 10 these days.. its gnarly how fast this season is.

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This is why we need rider comms.. no way they see that flag as they are committing to a triple that is sketchy coming out of the sand.. Even if comms is only from the race director himself like sprint car officials use.. purely for safety reasons. But ... more »

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Most of the guys don’t leave 1st/2nd until they hit the whoops or a straight.. triple out of a corner is 1st gear, most of the track is 2nd though

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Vortex Ecu and run race gas.. will be the best gain for the buck... After that, port the head, Valve Springs, Valve Job, Good Piston of your choice.. and if you really want to spend money start going to better valves and more compression

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put it in the front number plate like TLD.

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my guess is Max Vohland.. suggested by father Talon. Decoster and Aldon Baker shut it down is my best guess.

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The lag from carbs caused more people to crash in my opinion.. whiskey throttle happens on carb and efi bikes.. I’ve whiskey’d after a mistake on both styles..

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will you sell a roller?