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Jamie at Twisted development built my YZ270F.. with some port work and a Vortex and the thing is a blast to ride.. i enjoy it alot.. the thing is a monster, and with good technique i wont have a problem off the gate with the 450's unless its a really ... more »

Added reply in a thread Ryan Breece Needs Money? 2/27/2020 8:42 AM

Bingo.. get a new job or... go faster..

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did you get that directly from mitch or the broadcast? because he would never say it publicly in a broadcast.. that would end his relationship with Kawi... #commonsense and im not saying you are wrong, i just heard it from a buddy who gets all his motors ... more »

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this is badass.. also not to hijack. i have a friend that has some fully restored CZ's that he is looking to sell if any of you are interested, send me a DM or email.

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Nothing wrong with what TK was saying.. hes a professional athlete.. If you think this is bad, please go to a high school football practice... ive gotten way worse from coaches... High school football is huge in socal and we dont even get paid lol... ... more »

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i heard mitch is upset with kawi over the design of the guessing they asked for his opinion on design and then did something different? could be a rumor but thats what i heard

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beautiful bike!

... more »
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should have to have a AMA Pro MX or SX license to purchase a 450 in my opinion... a 350 should be max displacement for all amateurs... too many squirrely dudes out trying to hit the 100ft jumps and absolutely wrecking themselves because they dont have ... more »

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i heard this years motor might be a one and done, with a new design for '21... AKA pro circuit seems to be refusing to run the 2020 motor.... that cant be good for Kawi or Pro Circuit...

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its a personal decision my friend, but sounds like you are really into racing.. which makes me think you should do A, but if you race every now and then it would be better to be in B.. less chance of injury IMO.. when i ride with faster guys, i always ... more »

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very nice!

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Honestly, I ran into Marv at Milestone a few times and at LA fitness also.. Him and his wife a great people. They are very nice, kind and thoughtful people. This is going to the next level of kindness. I will always be a fan of him and his wife on and ... more »

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yeah my bad... i forgot.. i just remember seeing it and thought it was a bonehead move..

Added reply in a thread Any word from Rocky Mountain KTM on why Baggett DNS'd the Tampa Main? 2/18/2020 8:50 AM

I thought most of the damage was done when he get hit/runover.. the initial crash didnt look all that bad until he took a set of fork lugs to the back...

Started new thread fresh take on qualifying? 2/18/2020 8:48 AM

How do you think this would work? 2 timed practices and like a super pole or something? it gives the guys space to put down a lap.. or even if they did group qualifying where only 5-10 guys can ride at a time or something to limit the amount of traffic ... more »

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he was lucky to be racing.. did you see his yard sale through the sand section during qualifying? they had to replace everything that was attached to the sub frame.. he cartwheeled hard out of the sand... very similar to what A-ray did.

Added reply in a thread Why no status on Moreau? 2/17/2020 10:31 AM

this is horrible. so gutted for him.. and this gets me emotional man. we are all 1 crash away from this. I hope he makes a complete recovery. and just my 2 cents. if a rider cannot move under his own power in a Freaking rhythm section that section needs ... more »

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it comparable to the Dunlop Spec tires according to Keefer.. now we understand why the pros have new tires every race. If you are looking for race performance they are incredible tires.. they are not good tires for the weekend warrior on a budget that ... more »

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Nice Bike. People in cali would love to have this bike.

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i ride a 4 stroke... but how dare you put the King on the 4 stroke... He belongs on the 2 strokes he won all his titles on.. not his retirement bike