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been riding from 6yrs old to now 27 yrs old... rode and raced from 6-14, crashed spent 2 weeks in ICU Parents sold my bike... started riding again at 16, crashed spent another 2 weeks in ICU(I also lost a couple months of memory from my life, 2nd half ... more »

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where at in socal?

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HUH? is he switching to PC Kawi or something?

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This will probably be the best thing I see all day... Youre my hero.

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Sounds like we are in the same boat.

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I love mine.. im much faster on my 250f right now than my 450.... and honestly I think its because I feel like im strong enough to handle the bike.. my 450 down fast straight aways scares me that if I make a mistake/slip/hit a small rock to knock me ... more »

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Its not the bike... its the team... Decoster and his team of mechanics that follow him everywhere he goes is the reason the team is soo damn good. They took that piece of shit 2011 ktm and were battling for wins and championships the day he got there... ... more »

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it boiled out... goose and Decoster already openly commented on it when it happened.... That's why the team switched to the European fuel they use now..

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I agree with this... its super disappointing that they are made now to be jumped through... Bring back the old days of technical big whoops that took a ton of skill... any one of us kooks could jump through whoops.. maybe not as fast as them, but we ... more »

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id still take Lopes.. once the nerves settle, I believe the kid will rip.

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get this man some help to ride SX/nationals.

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For me, it has to do with Time. If we could split up vet guys, and up and comers on different days, it would allow for more racing, and less waiting. Im not gonna pay $50-100 to ride for 20 minutes.. when I could go golfing or do something else for the ... more »

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Cost, they talk about it on a pulp podcast with Genova and tony... they cant pull enough sponsor money for the nationals..

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Which link did you get?

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I completely agree. I think if he works with a Sports Pyschologist it will take his game to the next level. I mean, look at Aaron Plessinger.. the guy went from a 3-7 guy in the 250's to absolutely dominating last year. There is nothing wrong with getting a mental edge on the competition, I think a lot of these guys think asking for help makes them weak, or they just don't want to fork out the cash for the extra help.

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he was standing through that corner which I thought was nuts! that was incredible to see in my opinion.

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screw it.. build an epic track.. half MX, and half tamed down SX.. Best of both worlds.

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JG shattered Mike's knee in like 2010?? He had just come back from a blown out knee when grant punted him... its in the series of Inside the great outdoors...

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Bro youre steering wheel in your van is on the wrong side.... lol... Sorry im American, I had to...

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