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Was literally about to say the same thing

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Zeus would be a cool model name.

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I have thought for a while that he needs to get away from Reynard’s. I think he needs to get into an environment where he is getting treated like part of a group instead of the prodigal star. I have never been to Reynard’s but I can only assume he isn’t ... more »

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What machines do you guys have? I ran a OMAX/Maxiem for 5 years. Cut thousands of stainless parts, mild steel, polycarbonate, wood, granite, you name it. No longer in the industry my self but enjoyed my time drawing, cutting and building.

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Finished 5th in pro sport moto 1

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Couldn’t he get another year in the 250 class if he won a SX title and wanted to come defend it? I’m not sure if that’s still a rule or not.

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My bad man I didn’t know you were the shit.

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Buttery parties hard. Not quite pro level speed but he’s pro level bro for sure. Also gets some chicks around and they get down too.

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I have always thought that his short legs that look to be very strong and bulky are the key to his success. Some people may look at it as a disadvantage but he grips the bike and stands a lot and when he stands it’s much different than someone like Cianciarulo ... more »

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Used to run #111. GL’s number when I first started. Also was born in November so I have always used 11 or a combo of 1’s for all sports.

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I mean 42 points with 4 rounds is far fetched even for the 3 time champ, let alone a rookie who’s had a rollercoaster career. I’m just excited to be able to watch a battle with some of my favorite riders in both classes coming down the stretch. Adam ... more »

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I think he has as good of a chance to win as anyone at the next 3 tracks. He rides Pala for testing, He’s from Florida, trains in Florida. Maybe Zach has an advantage at Lakewood but I think the title is up for grabs now. Bad luck for Zach as of late. ... more »

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Who said that this was Cianciarulo’s championship and that everyone gave shit to? He’s looking a little closer to being right today. Still a lot of racing but I must admit I thought the guy was off his rocker before today.

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I want to say Romano is the same age as Ryder D. I think Ryder is 15. The only info on Romano says he’s also 15 but can’t find the actual bday.

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Why isn’t Levi Kitchen going pro? He was the best B rider according to everyone bc he had the fastest laps.

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His argument with a amateur in Buttery’s most recent vlog is very funny. Bought the dude a lever lol He dishes it out, he gets it back, sometimes he likes it, some times he doesn’t. Still entertaining to watch.

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Man yeah I was so bashing his bike and current team......Ha! If you had any idea on what was going on in free agency then you would know what I meant. But you don’t so you chose to comment on something you were uneducated on and put words in my mouth. ... more »

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Yes I watch every race. I’m sure by now you have figured out why your comment makes you sound like you have abundant knowledge of the sport and I don’t.

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I liked Ferrandis more when he was racing GP’s. I still enjoy watching him ride but I don’t view him as a favorite rider. Maybe it’s because he was a contender to Herlings who I didn’t like, at the time, and now he’s a contender to my some of my favorite ... more »