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For a bit of nutrition advice - don't start something you can't Paleo...low carb...intermitent fasting. As a person who has tried all of these with some degree of success I couldn't sustain them and after losing a good amount of weight I ... more »

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My first big bike was a 1989 CR125 (in 1998). It was old but for what I was doing it was a blast. My neighbor rescued it and restored it...sold it to my stepdad for the total amount of money he had invested in it...which was $700! It looked really nice ... more »

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It's hard being a big guy and finding higher end gear to wear! I tried Thor Prime Pro and it made my balls look like they were going to pop out of the pants!!! Been wearing the same TLD GP pants since 2016... Can anybody comment on how the podium feels ... more »

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I'm excited for the Regional Vet Classes. I haven't raced in years because I hate showing up and only have 3 guys to race against in +30 or +35. I'm looking forward to being apart of the atmosphere and having hopefully 30 guys on the gate. Gives me something ... more »

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Fellow heavy rider here - I am heavier than you and I ride a 350. People always speak to the revability of the 350 but I honestly lug mine a lot and rev out when applicable - I do have it geared differently to accomplish this. I ride some challenging ... more »

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We're all at a loss for words right now. Kyle was a free spirit with an infectuous zest for life. Even in the dark times after his accident in 2018 he was positive and upbeat about his circumstances and still pushed onward. He will be sorely missed by ... more »

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I had a Mint 2008 YZ250F back in the day and I got rid of it because I was strugglign to adjust. In reality my ego was just bruised. I wish I would have tried a FWW.

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All american made???

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Team Hurricane? Bad Boy Billy's ride

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Post some pics dude. Don't leave us hanging!!!

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Any of you guys have anything to say about True MX gear? The desert camo came back up and I'm interested in it. Would like to know if anyone had issues with durability or fit? True MX says the jerseys run a little big and the pants fit a little small. ... more »

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1995 because the KX, RM, and CR graphics were hard to beat. I wasn't a fan of the YZ from that year but I recently saw a pic of a 1995 YZ125 with that FMF flame graphic kit from back then (probably put out by Ceet) and it was badass. I would say I also ... more »

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You are correct. The 2013-2016 Honda 450 engine was pretty soft among other 450s and the bike still felt heavy and chug-a-lug compared to my 350. Taming a 450 makes it a little easier to twist the throttle but the internals are all the same, plus for ... more »

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KW and Brownie have diced locally a few times and Brown didn't always win. Also in the early 2000s Jeff Emig and KW clashed and I believe they split the wins in +25 while Emig won 250 Pro Sport. Even though Walker didn't have an amazing pro career I ... more »

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THIS - Thor's Prime Pro is right on target with other brands "stretchy light weight" gear and its way cheaper. Same with fly. I have the Prime Pro Apollo and I love it...even if I'm a bigger guy.

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THIS!!! 100$ agree!!! I personally don't wear logos on any of my clothes. I keep it basic with solid color v-neck tees and an occasional TLD hat that I've had for a few years. I reached out to the AM company to see if they could potentially get me a ... more »

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I'm not knocking you, I have a Lemond Spin bike in my garage that I love. I don't recall if it was you but someone mentioned being an avid runner but spin class kicked their butt. Spin class is super intense, especially for someone who has spent so much ... more »

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I 1000% agree. Someone above mentioned they were an avid runner but went to a spin class and it kicked their butt. There is a huge difference between a spin class and the program the top guys use to build and maintain their fitness. I see the road bike ... more »

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I used to love cycling but its wayyy too dangerous now. Im glad we haven't seen accidents with moto guys given that the road bike is the preferred training apparatus now. Running is hard on the joints so I have used it as a race pace type workout, 10 ... more »

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I live right outside if Charlotte and I ride the practice facility pretty frequently. I can't attest to the training methods or what to expect but I do know they put a lot of time on the seat, so fitness and the ability to withstand that schedule is ... more »