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I lined up next to him at the Washougal original 125 Dream race last September. vet class. He raced both vet and pro. I bogged off the line but got through the second turn in about 5th and I could see him up ahead for about a lap. It was really cool. ... more »

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looking at their website I assume you have to buy the bump and build it yourself.

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Anyuone know where a guy could get something like this?

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I have a brand new never used spare. It was for my 450 but almost 100% sure they are exactly the same. Only reason I kept it around was for my sons 15' 250F.

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When you read “akrapovic” say “ah crop oh Vich” Not “ac ro po vik” And know that they don’t do one off factory team pipes. The one you buy is exactly the same as the factory KTM guys had.

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on trac is horrible. So many issues with those guys. My last delivery I could hear the guys rat ass van a mile a way ripping up my road and as he turned into my drive I could hear his wif/co-pilot screaming at him to slow down. Later that night I saw ... more »

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pre programmed factory "SLIPPY" is just tiddies for me.

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awesome unit here still available

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keep it. pimp it rape it still turn a profit. I had fun building this one and flogging the shit out of it. Kids these days dont know how to rip a smoker proper.

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do you know what the difference is between the previous gen shock?

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depends on how big the kid is and if they can balance. 3y.o. here just working on throttle and brakes. thats the important part once you set them loose.

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He’s ok. Probably shouldn’t have been racing with the recent surgery and hardware in his wrist but it was home town and all. Don’t expect to see him for a couple weeks Is the vibe I gathered.

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Those things always came loose so a lot of guys would tack weld them. I never did on ours but was tempted. Just cut it off and replace. Easy fix it pushes through the cases from the clutch side

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Dont worry its supposed to stop just in time for the night show...

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Thanks for posting the link. I just emailed it to myself so I can listen later tonight. I am dealing with an addiction issue with my very own 16yo son and it is frankly the toughest most frightening thing I have ever experienced in my life. Times have ... more »

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con-cussssed I hear