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Yep, Eckman & Bailey are my all-time top 2 as well...even towards the end, when Art would constantly mess up the names!

Added reply in a thread Nerd, BobbyM, FTE, 1/27/2020 11:03 AM

Man, such a great weekend! Was good to see old friends & meet some "old friends" face to face. What's up FTE, Shenz, Oz, jeffro, crossup, Dave, & the rest! Great to see some old legends still posting! Good seeing/talking to GuyB, great turnout ... more »

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What's up, man! Another "old-old timer"! Glad to see you're still around. Dave, that's not the one I was thinking of. This one, pretty sure it was "Orville", was a seemingly normal dude, then came on posting as "his wife", saying the guy had died. I ... more »

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Sadly, my clicking days are over. Alizee was the shit way back when! This post has brought back a lot of good memories...the P-shops from Yamaboy, Alph, Ringer, & everyone else...the "I'm going to Atlanta!" post..."stunt cock"...The Cherry Picker ... more »

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Right on, man! Always a good time. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Sorry I didn't get to meet you, bvm111...didn't even know anyone else from the board was there! The loft was definitely epic, Doc. Thanks, as always, for setting that up. Already looking forward ... more »

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Thoughts & prayers out to your family & of course your little guy. Hang in there!...//TJ

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Good deal, buddy! Happy to help. Hope things start looking up soon!...//TJ

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Fricken awesome to see so many old faces. Peelout = genius(still one of the best avatars out there). Huck still killing it. Noobs threatening to email "the admin". More noobs biting on the hook. Glad I started checking in again. Appearances by Apl (sup ... more »

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MXD & mxb2 both nailed it. Met J-law years ago & he was extremely cool to my kid, who was maybe 11-12 at the time. That sticks in my mind even now Sucks to see that he maybe didn't live up to his full potential....or maybe he did? Who knows for ... more »

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Take it easy, fellas. No need to screw up an otherwise good thread. Julian, settle down. A quick glance at your posts shows that you are ill suited to try & play the Grammar Police card. But that is beside the point anyway. Try looking at the meaning ... more »

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Yep! Far as I know, it went out last week. I will check today & make sure it did in fact go out...//TJ

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Holy cow,'re still alive??? Good stuff! As for the OP & others, agree 100%. Having mod'd this forum & others for the past 10 or so years, though, I can tell you it's unrealistic. The problem is...some folks "get" the Interweb, and ... more »

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Good deal, man! Did you get the check from CalFire/Benevolent Association?...//TJ

Added reply in a thread Please Help My Family And I.. 1/19/2015 10:59 AM

Paypal is not a scam. I've used it for years. Login to your account, & then click on "Transfer to your bank". You can also call customer support at 1-888-221-1161, if needed. Click on the "contact us" link & you will get a free 60 minute pass ... more »

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Hi Jimmy...please send me your mailing address to I have a check for you from the Cal Fire Benevolent Assoc that can be sent out immediately...//TJ

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$$ sent. Hang in there, buddy. I have lost everything twice...once to a volcano (Philippines) & once to scumbags who cleaned out my storage while I was deployed. The good thing is that they are just things. You, your mom, & your dogs are alive ... more »

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Good to see you are still around, Tim! Like others, I have had a huge amount of success with my table. I have a "Soozier" that attaches at the ankles. I have broke both ankles multiple times & had my left knee replaced. Been using my table for 6-7 ... more »

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Have thoroughly enjoyed reading this & seeing the progress. Keep up the good work!...//TJ

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So sorry to hear this. No words can adequately describe a loss like that. Best wishes to you & your family. Godspeed, Chris...//TJ