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They should be crushing the thieves and returning the bikes to the rightful owners.

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Saw him race in the 1979 Amateur National Championship at Plymouth, CA. A majority of the riders there were from out of the area and I was unfamiliar with most of them. But, I remember Spaw very well. He was indeed lightning fast and made the podium. ... more »

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Sounds a lot like the F150 I used to own. Oil wouldn't drain without hitting about 10 other parts in the path. And the oil filter - you could see it, but you had to practically be a contortionist to get at it. What a pain in the ass !

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Darrell and Dean Schultz Karsmakers brothers

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Was at Hangtown

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I can't remember if Roeder ever raced the bike or not, but he did let a local Norcal pro named Jerome Heiberger race the bike in some local races years ago. Several years back I remember seeing something about the bike sitting in a storage container ... more »

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Hannah Carmichael Johnson/Ward McGrath/Stewart

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Congrats to Sato. He ran strong all day.

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First race I ever attended was the Sears Point (Sonoma, CA) round of the 1978 Trans AMA series. My first race was at Argyll Park in Dixon, CA sometime in early 1979. The track was hard pack and they watered the crap out of it and it was slicker than ... more »

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Speedy recovery Mike ! This reminds me of another rider that was involved in a hit & run - Gaylon Mosier in 1980. He had just won 2 500 nationals that year and was a serious contender for the title,. IIRC the scum that hit him was never caught. RIP. ... more »

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The House of Prime Rib in San Francisco.

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I think this is from the last 500 national of 1977 at St Petersburg, Florida. Smith and Hannah were neck and neck for the title with only a few points between them. Bob suffered a DNF from a broken throttle cable and lost the title.

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All the best to you and your girl G-man. You've had a rough time lately, here's hoping that things make a change for the better. Good luck !

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I re watched the Whiskey Throttle Show episode from last year that had Marty on it. He mentions during the show that Marty and his wife's favorite thing to do for fun was to out and ride that dune buggy out in the desert. Sad that such a simple thing ... more »

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Wasn't that the twin carbed bike ? MXA did a test years ago (early to mid 90's I estimate). They had the actual bike that Everts rode and ran it against modern 250's of the day. The Puch smoked every modern bike every time off the line, it was no contest. ... more »

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My vote goes to Broc Glover on his air cooled YZ 490's winning the 500 title in 1981, 83, & 85 against the best works bikes of the day.

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I did all mine myself with a stand alone Panasonic dvd recorder, but I hear that they don't really make/sell dvd recorders anymore for some reason. I've heard that the preferred method to store old video is on hard drives these days. You can take 'em ... more »

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RIP Sad news I got one of these too.

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This guy had been sleeping in my barn during the winter

My dog and an acquaintance. A cat of some sort that my trail camera caught near my home. Anybody know what kind of cat this is ? ... more »
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RIP. My condolences to you G-man.