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Appearently, a friend of a friend of mine was told today from KJ himself that southwick is not going to happen... guess we will hear soon either way but definitely a bummer

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SHOTS FIRED! Love the spice Ping.

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I’m 6’3 and started using the guts tall/firm on my YZ450F and never want to ride without it again. Makes it much easier for me to stay neutral on the bike especially out of turns.

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Thanks for the positive feedback!

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For all of you analytics lovers... I’ve compiled a bunch of data from past champions, to see what kind of stats it takes to be champion... there is some interesting stuff here

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Jetts pass on mosiman makes forkners pass last week look like child’s play... uncalled for... Not a good day to be a fan of Jett. IMO His podium interview after the heat race was a joke. If you’re unhappy with how you rode just say “I have some things ... more »

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I just did a write up on this whole scenario in my little blog

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Lopes didn’t race tonight mate.... 😅

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I’ve paid and left my pulp username in the chat, just need an email... 😬😬😬

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Pretty sure they were supposed to air tonight live as well... wonder what happened with that. Was looking forward to watching some live racing

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Was just about to post this.... mike grondahls new “Make Motocross Great Again” seems to have caused this whole thing...

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I really don’t think this has to be over analyzed. Track condition were tough on all the bikes today. It’s no secret tomac is tough on the clutch. Moto 2 he probably went a little too hard during his charge from the first lap crash . I don’t think it’s ... more »

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RT... Todd at TLR knows his stuff. I’ve used him for my SX bikes in the past and will absolutely never go anywhere else.

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Yesterday I rode, no issues. Wash the bike today, go to fire it up to do an oil change and it’s it is absolutely running like garbage, obviously I’m assuming some electric got wet while washing, but just looking for thoughts/advice on what to do. I took ... more »

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I just started dealing with him this year. I was a little skeptical just because I’ve used the same two people to do all my motor work in the past, but was pleasantly surprised. He did quick work for me, and haven’t had any issues with the work he’s ... more »

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Cade Autenreith

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Last weekend while watching NBA all star weekend, I got to thinking about how supercross could incorporate an all star event into the series. I know it seems kind of corny but pretty much every major sport does it... check out my new blog on the idea ... more »

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