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Yamaha YZ125 2014
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Came around this issue on a couple of bikes in the past. It makes you wear trough the circlip on the fork in no time as well as damaging the tubes. What I did back then, and turned out well, is putting a piece of wood in between the fork leg and guard. ... more »

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Just bought a second hand YZ project bike yesterday and the misalignment was the first thing I have noticed. Also, my last YZ were also dead on the marks! I will start looking into it next week.

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Here in Holland one of my regional tracks has a system with a ´creditcard´. These cards are rider registered and you can either choose to pay for a full membership or just put money on it at home for single rides. Track manager scans your card on arrival. ... more »

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Marc is an almost weekly guest at the facebook talkshow `MX inside´. He actually said this week that the reason he deleted social media was because he was addicted to it. He said his iphone gave a warning message about too much screen time? Completely ... more »

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Face shim

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I don't think any more than 2 Dollars. About the wearing out again part that is talked about below: since these pins are tensioned when pressed in, it will take a whole lot of wear before the pin comes out again!

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To solve this problem the easiest way you can also buy 2 ´spring type - straigth pins (iso 8752) in the correct size and place them in your povervalve. Have done this before, second piston change on my '15 allready came with loose pins. Placed those ... more »

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Got the same part in the YZ125 kit. There it is used to block your powervalve arm when assembling it after top-end rebuild.

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And if i'm correct the track is actually in Markelo, called 'the Herikerberg' No gp's anymore but they organised the first round of the Dutch Masters there this year, lot's of GP riders were there!

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Thanks for the info ML512, might start building then. Will upload some pics of the bike when the shock is in.

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@carlinojoevideo, that's what I thought but maybe somebody has tried to fit triple clamps allready @Motomaverick989, They might have a different part number because of the spring and setting difference I guess. Thanks for the thread btw. interesting ... more »

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Does somebody allready have some information regarding suspension components? Looking for info on the shock length, is it the same as the previous years 450? If so, I can start building my shock before I get the bike

Also interested in triple ... more »
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Hey, Best way to get the right information is to get in touch with Reiger. I know for a fact that Reiger is able to convert shocks to any desired length or mounting. And maybe they even have a used shock for your bike, but I'm not sure. Don't ask how

... more »
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Mixed feelings on the oem yz125 pistons. Bought my yz125 new from the store, first piston replaced at 20 hours and was planning to run the kit piston for another 20. However a friend of mine that was running the same bike with an almost similar setup

... more »
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I bought some lenses from them in the past but they don´t have them in stock anymore. Only a vented type for snowboarding.

Started new thread Dragon NFX question 7/27/2017 2:32 PM

Hey Vital, Excuse me if this is posted in the wrong section. I am having a hard time finding lenses for my Dragon NFX goggles in the Netherlands. Didn't have any luck finding them in the rest of europe. Can any of you suggest a place where i can buy ... more »

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Maybe your lower tripple clamps are overtightened? This will squeeze your fork tubes, resulting in a harsh feeling at the beginning of the stroke.

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@RussB thanks for your reply! Cover looks really good this way, so nice to hear it stays like this. Could you tell me how you stripped the paint? I can't get rid of the painting on the edges of the raised letters....