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Reply to Fair race in Malvern, IA 7/9/2020 11:59 AM

ProAm races on both Saturday and Sunday.

Reply to 2018 cone valves 7/1/2020 9:04 PM

There are Trax shocks for sale all over. You should be able to snag one quick.

Reply to Leatt gear 7/1/2020 9:03 PM

I’ve only been using their helmet and I absolutely love it.

Reply to Strategy for 450 Final Race 6/18/2020 10:12 AM
Reply to Salt Lake City 5 Supercross - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 6/14/2020 1:06 PM

Is my Gold App not working or is this not being broadcast? It says coverage to start shortly or whatever. Maybe it’s not going on now?

Reply to Does Webb take out Tomac? 6/14/2020 12:47 PM

If he wants to win the title, he needs to start being incredibly aggressive with Tomac if given the chance. Not just this round, but the next round as well. Eli has been able to ride without much incident this year and that is what’ll win the title for ... more »

Reply to ISO holeshot device for 2016 ktm 450sxf 6/12/2020 1:18 AM

I realize 2016 came with 4cs forks, but if the holeshot devices from AER forks are the same, I have a pair of them.

Reply to 2018 KTM 250SX 6/6/2020 8:25 PM

Tentatively sold. Supposed to meet on Monday in Illinois. If the guy doesn’t make the drive from SC, I’ll update this.

Reply to 2018 KTM 250SX 6/6/2020 1:20 PM

Any offers?

Reply to 2018 KTM 250SX 6/6/2020 12:36 PM

Sent you a PM where to get them.

Reply to 2018 KTM 250SX 6/5/2020 6:16 PM

I can deliver it to Millville this coming Sunday or meet someone anywhere between Sparta, Wisconsin and Rockford, Illinois on Monday. Let’s get this bike sold!

Reply to Best Moto Camera Option 6/2/2020 8:54 PM

You could get 10 replies with 10 different answers. That being said, mirrorless is just fine. One of the bigger questions is this: what is your budget?

Reply to Looking For- Low Hour KTM or Husky 350 5/31/2020 7:59 AM

Any chance you’d consider Wisconsin west coast? Buddy of mine has a 2018 350SXF with less than 10 hours on it that he’s going to be selling as soon as someone will buy it.

Reply to Should of got a 350 years ago... 5/30/2020 6:17 AM

Who mapped your Vortex?

Reply to ISO 2016-2018 KTM OR HUSKY 350 EXHAUST 5/29/2020 2:13 AM

Does a full titanium Akrapovic Evolution exhaust interest you? Brand new in the box and never been opened.

Reply to What’s a fair price for a set of AER48’s? 5/26/2020 9:52 AM

I usually see them selling for around $800. Some used, some are take-offs.

Reply to Pro taper SELA hits the shelves next week 5/24/2020 9:41 PM

Reply to Pro taper SELA hits the shelves next week 5/24/2020 8:15 PM

I just checked my email and I did get a reply from them. I’m still a little surprised that they didn’t realize it wouldn’t fit Cone Valves since when we first saw it, it was on a set of 48mm CV forks.

Reply to WTB 18 KTM SX OEM Shrouds 5/22/2020 3:25 PM

I also have just a set of shrouds that is super nice. They had graphics put on over them when new, so they OEM graphic is mint. Just remembered I have them! That’d be the set I prefer to sell, to be honest.