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‘71 Yamaha CT1 175 ‘72 Yamaha DT2 250 ‘71 Yamaha HT1B 90 ‘71 Honda Z50 ‘74 Honda XR75 ‘79 KTM 175

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After my 7th bad one, I had my 8th concussion less than 2 months later. The 7th came while riding and the 8th was while running a piece of heavy equipment. I got pitched forward hard enough to be get knocked out and have compression fractures of 2 vertabrae ... more »

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Debating who?

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Oddly enough, I was there that year too with one of the pdub riders. If that’s the kid I’m thinking of from Wyoming (pretty sure it is) he got a horrible start in the third moto and went down on the blind side of the inside single coming out of “storyland”. ... more »

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Currently 33 with a compression fracture of T-11 and T-12, slipped disked between them, herniated disk below that that’s leaking, and MRI revealed a couple weeks ago I’ve got a torn ligament in the same area. Been in a back brace for 3 weeks, seeing ... more »

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It’s all shits and giggles til someone giggles and shits

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Just go have fun. You’ll learn more by experiencing it than you ever could by asking on here anyway. When you’re first starting out at anything, results don’t matter but the memory/story does. You’ll be sitting with friends years from now saying “I remember ... more »

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Completely agree about waiting until outdoors to return. Get healed, rest the brain bucket as long as doctors say, then start testing outdoors. Nothing to gain, but he’d be risking his ability to enter the outdoors healthy by coming back to SX this year. ... more »

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You could not have said it better! I agree 100% with every point you just made. Both Lawrence boys have a very bright future and they’re having fun on their way there.

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Just talk to him 1-on-1 sometime. I’ve spoken to him at a couple nationals, on the phone, and through email, and as a normal guy myself, he changed my opinion immediately after our discussions. The guy is a 100% professional and is still full of subtle ... more »

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“The Goddamned Germans got nothin’ to do wit it!”

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OP will shit bricks when he finds out who rode a bike with Suzuki of Troy graphics in ‘97..

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Happy Birthday, brother!!

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BobbyM posts have about the same effect on vital posters as shooting a sleeping bull in the nuts with a BB gun. He's just on the other side of the fence laughing right now

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No, MY dad’s stronger than YOUR dad! 🤓

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Dropped so hard it fell flat on its face

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I saw it flinch before Chase hit it...

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"Keep this to yourself, but I don't use actual eagle beaks"

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West coast this weekend, then an off weekend. He has 2 full weeks left to get ready

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