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I can't picture AC fans saying "I sure hope AC doesn't race this week!"

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The sheriff of polk county, FL is grady judd and he publicly supports homeowners shooting criminals and he keeps getting reelected.

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I would park in the Publix shopping center at Orange and Michigan and take an uber (4 miles). Safe neighborhood.

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Triple crowns?

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I have switched to steel sprockets and the sprocket and chain last sooo much longer - worth the weight

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I only wear black gear nowadays - no more Shout/OxyClean/Spray n Wash stain removers that dont work

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Only 2 blue bikes in 250A?

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I went to the Citrus Bowl game on new years day at camping world stadium in orlando. They let in 15k and there was nobody sitting close to us. Also nobody checked our tickets so we sat at the 45 yd line (we had end zone seats). They did enforce mask ... more »

Added reply in a thread hitch carrier 12/30/2020 6:12 PM No tie downs. Been using one since 2011.

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Two new 450s at the track yesterday and both had dead batteries. One guy had his a week and the other picked his up on Friday. Had the same prob with my 2017 KTM 450.

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I also broke mine in 2 places so plate and screws for me - no issues.

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ProTune did my KYB conversion for $1300 - very happy with it.

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2017 KTM 450sxf 68 hrs on stock motor. Never needed valves adjusted and starts like new. Bel Ray synthetic ester and filter changed every 5 hrs.

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New owners - opens Oct 9. Sandlot Off-Road

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I watched a guy remove his dirty air filter from his yz450 and saw dirt fall down into the intake. Talked to my mechanic about this and he said that the design is good for business.

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When I had the click under the seat problem the battery ground wire bolt to the frame was loose.

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How many vitards go to Fox or CNN to talk moto? Keep politics out of all sports! We watch sports to get away from politics. Remember how the NFL ratings dropped like a rock with the Kaepernick thing? People that tune in to a sporting event dont want ... more »

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Just got my 10K refund from my cancelled Alaska cruise haha

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My buddy's f250 diesel fuel pump also grenaded. Good luck finding a parking space with the crew cab longbed haha.