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It's been rumoured for a week that Jett has signed with Red Bull. Announcement imminent I'd say.

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Heard about this through Ryno. Always extremely sad to hear of a rider dying doing what they loved. Good to see this level of honour being shown towards him by fellow moto brethren. RIP Chris.

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I agree with every word he spoke. What he said was relevant to every day life, not just specifically moto. People are lazy, take the easy way out and make so many decisions based on fear of judgement.

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With a maintenance schedule as good as yours, they will last a very long time. You will likely need a bottom end rebuild soon to really keep that engine fresh, but other than that, just keep riding the wheels off that thing.

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Seemed to be suggested that he would have Honda support at some level, and an announcement was a week or two away.

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I used to know a couple of Japanese test riders, one at Honda and one at Yamaha but don't have those contacts any longer. Pretty much the only way you'd have any info on bikes a couple of years away and you have to be damn close to them to get them to ... more »

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Because they know that they will lose those customers, possibly forever. They'd rather have guys hanging on and waiting, not knowing when their bike is going to show up rather than giving conservative or honest release dates which could be 6 months or ... more »

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Do the A Kit forks need different clamps??

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Two other reasons why I run Airbrakes is the open nose area really makes it much easier to breathe, and the way the goggles are designed really opens up your vision compared to almost every other goggle. You can see so much more, especially in your peripheral ... more »

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Sky sport Next channel on YouTube

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Plus a Hinson clutch basket and clutch cover.

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Definitely 150 for woods and 125 for moto.

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Thing is though he's waiting to find out if AMA/Feld are going to change the rules again so he can race 250 SX in 21. At this stage he is pointed out of the 250 Supercross.

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Zero surprises there.

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They didn't pound everyone, it was still close. The other bikes improve, even marginally, and they are going to go past a bike that did not change. And wasn't last year's test over one day when this year's test was across 2 days at 2 different tracks. ... more »

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They did. They built air forks. And everybody hated them. With a spring fork there is only so much that can be adjusted externally with ease once they come up with their desired internal settings. (Most people would consider adjusting fork oil levels ... more »

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You've been told. Forget Gibby, Brevin is in town.

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He let his racing do the talking. And smoked Cooper.

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This is exactly what speaking with your wallet is about. Sure, they supported the sport for years, and in turn their moto fan customers supported them. They turn their back on the sport, it makes sense to me for their moto customers to also turn their ... more »

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Haven't seen it posted anywhere else on here but Yoshimura posted on their Facebook site that the current FC Honda team as we know it is done. They said that they will support the new iteration of the team next year, so based on the post the team is ... more »