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3M Safety Walk Black is "sand paper" Gray is "rubber textured" Black will tear your boots up and is more like grip tape for a skateboard. The gray is what most of the factory teams are using. You can get it in various widths/lengths as well as sheets. I use ... more »

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There was a shortage of the parts needed to make the new model and the production was not up to pace. The parts were still available and the production line was available to build/sell the older model. Coupled with a market that just wanted bikes, they ... more »

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The updated Harbor Freight lift stand is a lot nicer than I expected. I have one for my 2 stroke and one for my 450. Zero problems so far and nicer than the $80 stand I threw away. Harbor Freight Lift Stand

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New foam was $20 and a lens protector was $20 for 2. I am still rocking my OG airbrakes I bought back in 2013. I've replaced foam once and lens protectors twice, and one new lens. I'd rather buy tires and oil then-new googles all the time at $100 a pop. ... more »

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Oakley stopped making replacement parts for the Airbrake a few years ago from my understanding. So if you see replacement foam, outriggers, and straps you might want to buy them while you can. The single-lens protector was the best thing ever but they ... more »

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I ordered OEM Yamaha parts through RM last week without issue. If your using your phone maybe try from a desktop. If your using a desktop might try a different browser.

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Maybe? ... more »
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3M Orange Citrus cleaner. Spray on let sit, scrape off with a plastic razor blade. Also works great for the foam tape used to hold on vehicle badges.

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No I can do basic math to figure it out. But I don't want to take 5 minutes to add up all the totals to figure out how far they are behind the leader. Or wait 2 minutes staring at the scoreboard for it to change to time behind leader.

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Most likely explanation is I am slow

I think the 12 PSI helps a bit as well. Plus I ride a lot of open desert so there's not a ton of lean angle required. Once they get to a certain point and that first knobby starts to go then they all follow ... more »
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Interesting idea, reminds me of these guys Tire Balls

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Looking back at my Strava records about 22 total hours of moving time and yep about 475 miles. So that averages out closer to 22 mph. Some of my rides are a lot of high speed stuff like 50+, I was doing a lot of those when the temps where cooler and ... more »

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I run Maxxis Desert IT with either IRC or STI heavy duty tubes (3mm IIRC) out here in Vegas. Mix of hardback, rocky, sandy, fire road, and occasionally some pavement, basically all the nasty stuff you got out there. I've never had a flat that was related

... more »
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ProTaper Evo bars, rubber handlebar mounts, and some pillow tops. or something like this Anti-Vibration Bar inserts

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No gadgets but here's what has helped me. Working out with Kettle bells vs barbells/dumbbells has helped me the most with grip strength. With kettlebells your having to control the movement of the weight with your grip. Plus you are getting a work out. ... more »

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Rugged Radios Pretty much the standard for Baja and Desert racing. Haven't used them myself.

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They probably request without gear as most people don't know their weight with gear. Then just add a predetermined amount. Gets even more convoluted when you add a hydration pack and tools. Drain a hydration pack and you got a 7-pound difference between ... more »

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I'd first start with Tire selection. The stock tires generally are great for Motocross or SX but are horrible in the desert. My 2012 WR450 came with Dunlop MX tires and they scared the shit out of me in the desert. The front would knife just looking ... more »

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Sweet clamps and all but... Does anyone know who makes that torque wrench?

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More weight might not be the best. Less weight and higher reps would probably be better as it simulates what your doing on the bike. I am 6'3" 170 and try and base my workouts around what I do on the bike. I usually do Goblet squats with a 25 lbs kettlebell. ... more »