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"Only" 6'3" but I rock a sub-mounted steering stabilizer which is basically bar risers. Along with Windham bend Pro Tapers bars and a Guts Tall seat. That gives me almost 3" at the bars and 1.3" at the seat. For leg grip I run 3M Safety Walk on the frame to ... more »

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Doesn't matter where you go in Nevada you can't get away from the Jackasses on the road. Glad to see the outcome was good and a great OA. I almost ran into a wild Bull out in Jean Nevada riding one day. Nothing like coming around a blind corner to be ... more »

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Same with Vegas. As long as I order before 3pm I get it by 3pm the next day. Even with it being shipped by OnTrac

(who I've never had an issue with).
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I'd check here: or give them a call. Also, you might take a look at WalMart for the "Power Wheels" batteries in the car section. I'd assume they'd use a battery around that size for the lift.

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3M Safety-Walk Medium Resilient tape is what the pros like HRC Honda, Kawi, etc are using. You can get strips or sheets. Amazon has it for a pretty decent price. With weekly trail rides, I replace mine every other month or so. 3M Safety-Walk Medium

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My hope when Oakley came out with the Airbrake and the polycarbonate lens that someone would eventually figure out how to put your prescription directly into the lens. Seeing as the moto market is so small I doubt anyone will spend the money to engine ... more »

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Direct TV is the same way. Pretty sure it has to do with it being a "live event" versus a "series" like a TV show.

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I have the older Leatt Pro Roost Deflector which is CE 2 on the back. I use it strictly for trail/desert riding. Unlike on a track, you never know what you are going to land on when falling. I've fallen back first on to large rocks/boulders and even ... more »

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Anyone actually get an issue of Men's Journal yet? Seeing that Motorcyclist was shut down this morning reminded me.

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FIM specific and only for champions. FIM requires anyone that won a title in an FIM sanctioned series to go to that gala. If they don't go they get fined.

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Canceled I think 5 years ago. Attendance dwindled and it was basically just the people that had to show up. Kind of like press conferences now

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Yep, there is I think 1000 parking spots they will have on location, its the lowest or second lowest in the NFL. Everyone else has to be bussed in. As a local looks like I'll never go to anything there as I don't want to pay $100 for uber on top of a ... more »

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Utah to Nevada OnTrac is awesome and I get parts overnight paying for standard shipping. Never had an issue with them. Now outside Nevada, I heard they are not great mostly because the delivery people are independent contractors. In Nevada, I am pretty ... more »

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Add to that our healthcare system is designed to treat symptoms and not solve the underlying problems. He probably wasted a bunch of time chasing symptoms.

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Almost looks like the plastic shrink wrap that new oil filters come in.

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Documentary about his career is what I'd assume from the social post.

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I use these and really like them Mack's Hear Plugs High Fidelity Ear Plugs - Musician Earplugs They don't protect as much as other's but are meant to attenuate the sound by a few decibels so it brought down to safe levels. I feel like I am more in tune with the bike as I can hear what the engine is doing ... more »

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I wear an old 3/4 zip windbreaker where the hood folds into the collar. The 3/4 zipper allows it to be easily pulled over your neck brace and chest protector. I've worn it in the rain and the snow without issues. It wasn't designed for riding but they

... more »
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Men's Journal is by far the "closest" magazine they have that Transworld subscribers might want. Unless you're into weight lifting and Muscle and Fitness is more your speed. Part of the reason they do this instead of providing a refund is to keep the ... more »