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Rugged Radios Pretty much the standard for Baja and Desert racing. Haven't used them myself.

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They probably request without gear as most people don't know their weight with gear. Then just add a predetermined amount. Gets even more convoluted when you add a hydration pack and tools. Drain a hydration pack and you got a 7-pound difference between ... more »

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I'd first start with Tire selection. The stock tires generally are great for Motocross or SX but are horrible in the desert. My 2012 WR450 came with Dunlop MX tires and they scared the shit out of me in the desert. The front would knife just looking ... more »

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Sweet clamps and all but... Does anyone know who makes that torque wrench?

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More weight might not be the best. Less weight and higher reps would probably be better as it simulates what your doing on the bike. I am 6'3" 170 and try and base my workouts around what I do on the bike. I usually do Goblet squats with a 25 lbs kettlebell. ... more »

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If you buy the MXGP TV package you can.

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TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) is a good alternative to Oxy Clean as well. cheaper as well. you can get in at lowes and home depot.

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You can use a chemical stripper. Sanding will probably damage the VIN. Google "How to remove powder coat" and some articles will come up with some chemical stripper recommendations.

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A Sprinkler system would be a good permanent solution. A lot of upfront work and cost but would save you a lot of time in regards to routine track watering.

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Part of the issue might not be your knees as much as it is how your quads have developed to compensate for your knees. Generally, your knees bowing out like that is a sign of a muscle imbalance between your inside quad and your outside quad muscles. ... more »

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'09 GMC Sierra but bed dimensions haven't changed. One of these Bed Buddy With one of these Moto-Gate When just driving out to the spot to go ride I don't use the moto-gate. When I go on long trips I'll use the moto-gate. Did a 2,000-mile road trip with ... more »

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I have a quiet insert on a 2012 WR450. Obviously not an apples to apples comparison but close. It made a slight difference. Nothing major. I would say maybe 5db. More then anything it changes the tone. It removes a lot of the high end out of the sound ... more »

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What are the best pens for autographs Check the link above. Written by a memorabilia company. I am sure there are other resources out there a short google away.

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Seems like the two most common reason that Ti cracks according to my Google-Fu is cracks caused by corrosion or Sustained Load Cracking. I'd guess there is something putting pressure on that spot when your riding that is causing it. Maybe riding closer to the front ... more »

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"Only" 6'3" but I rock a sub-mounted steering stabilizer which is basically bar risers. Along with Windham bend Pro Tapers bars and a Guts Tall seat. That gives me almost 3" at the bars and 1.3" at the seat. For leg grip I run 3M Safety Walk on the frame to ... more »

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Doesn't matter where you go in Nevada you can't get away from the Jackasses on the road. Glad to see the outcome was good and a great OA. I almost ran into a wild Bull out in Jean Nevada riding one day. Nothing like coming around a blind corner to be ... more »

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Same with Vegas. As long as I order before 3pm I get it by 3pm the next day. Even with it being shipped by OnTrac

(who I've never had an issue with).
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I'd check here: or give them a call. Also, you might take a look at WalMart for the "Power Wheels" batteries in the car section. I'd assume they'd use a battery around that size for the lift.

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3M Safety-Walk Medium Resilient tape is what the pros like HRC Honda, Kawi, etc are using. You can get strips or sheets. Amazon has it for a pretty decent price. With weekly trail rides, I replace mine every other month or so. 3M Safety-Walk Medium