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Does this lessen engine braking?? -I need a clutch for my 17’ CRF. Thought about a Recluse EXP, (which is NoT a slipper) but I rarely have issues w/ stalling. I’d like to reduce engine braking if possible. Heard mixed reviews on true slippers.. Any feed ... more »

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Gotta be the arm. I saw him come up short on the finish line jump 1st moto..

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Love me sum Vital!

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God I hope so- I'm all for everyone living a dream, but not at the expense of putting one's self at risk, or someone else- If it's the same dude who tried to qualify @ Houston-

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The change is awesome- They needed to do this a long time ago.

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This^^ I think AC will redeem himself tonight. As long as AP limits his mistakes, he'll be in the hunt for sure.

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Dave and Shaun are friends of mine, and they've supported my moto addiction since 2001 in some form or another. I can tell you those guys went over and beyond to make their customers happy. Such a bummer.

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+1- No question. I had a 15' model, and put over 80 hrs on it in 2 yrs.. Just oil changes, chain/sprockets, chain guide. Bike is bullet proof, and very easy to ride. Very underrated bike IMO-

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If I were Justin I’d be happy as punch I signed w/JGR.. Otherwise he’d have no excuse if he was riding for Mitch. If he can finish with a win or two, or at least in the top 4 overall, he’ll be ok. I think he rides a 450 much better. Cool kid, very well ... more »

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I've always wondered this as well. Didn't Yamaha use Ti rear springs, or perhaps still does?

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At this point, Cooper has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Some of these kids either rise to the occasion, or dwendle in uncertainty.. Not sure where he lies yet, but I’d like to believe we’ll see quite a few brilliant rides from this young ... more »

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With due respect, hell no. Every race is of the utmost importance.. Anything less, is, as quoted in Pulp Fiction, “an exercise in futility”

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This ^^^^

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My heart says MX, but my wallet says SX-

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LoL- Back in MY day, we didn't need pants, OR shoulders to race- Haha

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Thx, but I'd be keeping them. The whole allure to me is that I can slap the stk AER's on when I sell the bike, and keep the Cone Valves, and put on the next new scoot. Appreciate the input guys!

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Agreed- 1-3...