Added reply in a thread owner got his stolen bike back 6/24/2017 12:07 PM

Really a rotten position for the poor owner to be in. I wish him luck in his ensuing legal battles. If I was on that jury I'd let him go in a second. If you want to dramatically reduce crime on people and property, you should make it legal to respond ... more »

Added reply in a thread My WP AER 48 forks sucks. Should I go with conevalve or Öhlins? 6/12/2017 11:34 AM

All I can add is that I added Ohlins fork and shock to my '13 250SX when the bike was brand new and was fairly happy with that suspension set up. But about 1 year ago there was a full updated internals offered by Ohlins for a reasonable amount of money ... more »

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I do believe in being free to make your own decisions but men can be strange and really take it overboard. I think a certain amount of risk is enjoyable and healthy for the soul. But too much is just death and a burden on society. Some things are not ... more »

Added reply in a thread Is anyone running on E85? 6/12/2017 11:15 AM

I have a NA Corvette with reasonably high compression heads that runs Flex Fuel. It's just under a 3% gain in overall hp & tq when I swap over from 93 octane (already about E-10) to straight E-85. The big improvements in power running E85 are on ... more »

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I spent over a decade dragging knees and hauling some serious ass on sport bikes on public streets and I started to dream of doing this event and feeling as if I could compete well. I road-raced a bit as well and won my races easily but was quite bored ... more »

Added reply in a thread Keefer's Dirt Rider dirt on Pulp show 6/9/2017 9:33 AM

I don't know the back story on this and what's acceptable for an employee moonlighting. But I will stand up for my acquaintance/ friend Pete Peterson as he lived in Austin, TX for a spell. He lent me tools out at ADVMX (yes he rides) and we stayed in ... more »

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The KX-f is back to being a misbehaving bike. Looks like shit in the corners. And ET3 DNFed 1 main and 1 moto this year from front brake issues correct? That's not him doing that.

Added reply in a thread Roczen will never be the same. 5/23/2017 1:34 PM

Kroc will never have an arm that worked just as it did. I don't need to be a doctor to know that because I've personally broken a shit ton of limbs and speak from personal experience. Now can one of the best, overcome this injury and race at the top ... more »

Added reply in a thread Nicky Hayden injured training on bicycle 5/19/2017 1:49 PM

He is a great guy and I sure hope he recovers. I road-biked for a short time in the early '90s. Absolutely the most dangerous out of your control activity you can participate in. I don't hang out in the sport but I know of several near by deaths in the ... more »

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RD5 is trying, that's his riding style. It would be so stupid to wad and possibly mangle himself for no good reason and literally within months of retirement and also right before the outdoor season. I don't know if you guys have ever tried to just flat ... more »

Added reply in a thread Dungey has passed Tomac zero times 4/4/2017 11:28 AM

I think from here on out, whoever wins the Championship deserves it. ET3 is the fastest dirt bike rider on the planet. Dungey is the most consistent, and one of the fastest. Both great characters.

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Reed has always been a dickhead. He was around for a long time and one of the older guys which made us all grow fond of him. But really he never changed. He was a prick when he was young, and he still is. Reed while being lapped, might have just made ... more »

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Your actual bill is going to be a minimum of $10K (no surgery) and at the high end $75-100K. The reality is that people giving you money are just pissing money away. Jeff is still going to be buried in debt and is likely still going to have ruined credit ... more »

Added reply in a thread Technique to stop back end kicking on jump faces? 2/21/2017 8:51 AM

Turn in rear rebound damping 1-2 clicks.

Added reply in a thread Your perfect size, and stroke? 2/21/2017 8:48 AM

400-450cc carbed 2 stroke with an extremely mellow powerband. Should easily match a 450F in terms of hp and width of powerband with more tq, lower rpms and the corresponding lower intertia, more reliability, lighter weight, etc...

Added reply in a thread How come I'm seeing so many comments on Dungey..... 2/21/2017 8:45 AM

Bike set up looks off.

Added reply in a thread Tim Gajser U.S. 2018 2/17/2017 10:17 AM

The MXGP guys don't run as fast the AMA guys imo. See Roczen for the first 2 seasons here. However, the top talent guys will quickly adapt, also see Roczen. Gajser would also need to adapt but would excel for sure given time.

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The motorcrossers mostly end up Mountain Biking. It's easier, safer, less money, and frankly more rad in the right locales. That's the reason my KTM sits. Why go pay $30 for entry, burn fuel, be gone all day, maintenance to complete, to ride like 75 ... more »

Added reply in a thread Tomac getting his swagger back! 2/5/2017 3:25 AM

ET3 is the fastest dirt bike rider on the planet and has been for years. But his aggression, injuries and then a green bike have conspired against him at times.

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Everyone is relying on me, my company and my one employee, my clients, my investors, my full time job, my kid, my wife. Everything would fall apart of I were to get really injured (again). I'm literally scared I'll get hurt, be at the hospital, and it ... more »