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I'm still on the fence with the 4 door, but I really like the look of the 2 door. They managed to retain the retro look, but gave it a modern touch.

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Four things I took from that card: It was good to see Thug Rose get that loss back. The Aldo beating went WAY longer than it should have. Max was robbed. Usman is a boring fighter. How do you claim to be the best when you spend 10 minutes stepping on ... more »

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Wow, a Yamasaki. That’s a rare bike.

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If would definitely need a lap belt for that one. It's crazy that they're getting 15-20 miles off of just one of the batteries. That's a lotta juice.

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Luckily for me, I started out on an Indian Mini Mini, but I got to ride one of those hard tails a couple of times. I'm actually surprised I'm not still pissing blood from the beating my kidneys took.

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This could be the one... ETA: Dammit!

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Beachend Cafe in Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture Japan is one of my new favorites. Doesn't hurt that it's only 2 blocks from my house, too. I don't know if it exists anymore, but Cotija's Taco Shop in San Diego was always my go-to Mexican joint when I was growing ... more »

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Put in an offer for 1.9, but tell 'em they're gonna need to throw in a few alligators for the ponds.

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I read a stat out of Florida the other day that said the median age of people testing positive in the state fell from 64 (March) to 36 (now), with the overwhelming majority being treated as outpatients. They also said the median age of people dying of ... more »

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Be kind of ironic if Star protested out of spite for Sexton ending Nichols’ night.

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Exactly. Just like Dungey, Sexton's style is so smooth and his body position is so consistent that is just doesn't look like he's going as fast as he is. Especially when you compare him to guys with more aggressive styles who move around a lot on the ... more »

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I really think that monster get-off at Southwick a few years ago shook McElrath's outdoor confidence. If you go back and watch how fast he was going when he went down, it's actually kind of hard to blame him if that's the case. To the original topic, ... more »

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The biggest difference between KTM running a 3 rider team in the past, and potentially doing it again next year is money. With Deano and Trey, the team could offer lower salaries/higher bonuses, but Dylan's not going to come cheap - in salary or in bonuses. ... more »

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I completely forgot about Josh filling in on Factory Yamaha that year. I was racking my brain trying to figure out of the Hills had ever even raced in the same class.

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Have you ever thought about rehab? I hear Betty Ford can work wonders.

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* in 2022. (It's been mentioned a handful of times in this thread alone that Plessinger is signed through next year.)

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AC's shoulder injuries really did a number on his confidence during those few years. If Jett stays healthy, he'll definitely be the real deal.

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If next Sunday really is his last race, I hope he nails a massive holeshot, MC-style.

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Like I said in the JMart thread, if there’s such an obvious loophole to avoid pointing out (sitting out), then why have the rule?

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There was a post here within the last year where Todd mentioned that ABC wants way too much money for the rights. Seems kind of odd to me, because really, what else are they going to do with it?