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Curiosity got me... Drag CRF450R

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Give Vance Earl a shout. His shop isnt far off 85 in Blacksburg and may have VP in stock. 704-473-1099

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The same people that think Ryno is out of his mind are the same people that complain that todays riders aren't transparent enough.

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Hate to say it, but that whole area is littered with bike theives. There is a ring of them that snatch bikes from that whole area and a lot get sent up north after graphics have been stripped and numbers ground off. I would call down to GTR and try and ... more »

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Shocker, GL likes to drink some booze. Didn't see that coming. Show is good entertainment. I'd rather hear drunken old war stories than stroking sponsors and the general babble we get out of riders these days.

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Stock 300 2 stroke with spring forks = Gas Gas. The AER stuff really isn't bad. but when youre coming from 4CS, anything is better. Spring forks are still the easiest to get dialed for a weekend warrior.

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email He's on here but his login is messed up for whatever reason. He has one and is willing to ship.

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NBC so we can get Weege?

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North of Durham, nothing but some wind and rain. Had some friends from Beaufort staying with us since Tuesday, they left this morning to try and start the push back. At the in-laws farm outside Mt. Airy we were getting a lot of rain when I came back ... more »

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Leatt C Frame Carbon Pro's here. Cant ride without them anymore. Ive had an ACL/MCL/Meniscus repair around 11 years ago and recently started having pretty bad joint pain and lack of mobility in the joints after races. Since getting into a set of braces ... more »

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Great. Just having that spangly jean wearing nutsack near a dirbike is gonna skyrocket the price of old roached out pieces of shit.

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06+ YZ250 - Jet it, Get the suspension done, GYTR Flywheel, 250X head, 18" rear. Be done.

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Filling in for Alessi in Canada

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Used YZ125. When its time for a rebuild do a 144. Have fun and then buy a bigger bike later, but keep the small bore because they're fun.

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Currently running a 6x12 single axle. It is good because its free thanks to it sitting on the in-laws farm unused other than hauling christmas wreathes to eastern NC once a year. 2 bikes, gear and tools is about all it can handle without being a stacked ... more »

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@jones4490 pretty much nailed it. That stadium was never built to accommodate heavy machinery coming in and out. Memorial Stadium - too small, too shitty for a Feld event. CMS - meh, Daytona 2. I don't see the powers that be wanting a similar track detracting ... more »

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VXCS just raced a GP there last month. Mark and crew put together a really fun course. Going to see what the work schedule looks like around that time and try and make it out for one or more days.

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New one that is offroad specific is On The Pipe Podcast. The guy running it announces the Full Gas Events.

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94* 30+2's...Top 20 just because he's JYD. Robby posted on his IG that he is running and is on the 450 this year. He's also been racing MX a lot more than past seasons leading up to the Wick so with the current 450 field it should be interesting to see ... more »