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I agree, Grant will be hard to replace. I do think Grant is a necessary team component in a Tomac Championship. They've got to try to bring in someone. Baggets not done.

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I'm 30 minutes east on the lake. Have space

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Romain Febvre replica. Badass!

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He helped with this one.

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Prado and Lawrence are 16 and 17 I think. Not much older. If they can stay injury free, you would think they would be attractive prospects over here in the US. Ferrandis is sure making good. I would think KTM would want to hang on to Prado. Seems like ... more »

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Jeffrey Herlings is just out of the question for the US? Shame for us. Coldenhoff is 26. Are any MXGP guys a possibility? Love to see Tickle get a shot . Or Christian Craig

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I was really impressed by Benoit Paturel keeping his cool and winning the second moto. Jonas and Seewer were right behind him the whole

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Alex Martin made the dots look good! Really like the blue/violet jersey. When Martin wins a moto in that gear, it will look even better.(Photo: Chris Ortiz)

Troy Lee digs into Southern California racing history as part of his aesthetic. I find ... more »
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Anderson was on a KTM IN 2014. Also, Husqvarna had 450 SX wins in 2016 (2), and 2017 (1). Anderson's highest finish in 2015 was second place.

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Anybody think Cooper Webb might factor in next year? Might not just be a Tomac, Musquin, Anderson battle.

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Damn, I wonder how many guys bought Suzuki RMZ 450s after last summer. Kenny's set up makes it look like the greatest bike ever.

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DeCoster's last race was an almost unbelievable way to go out. 1,1! That wasn't exactly a low stakes race either. Didn't Malherbe and Lackey take it to the last moto to decide the championship that year?

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My brother John with his 1978 XR75

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Here are the ones I find memorable and influential . Impossible task really SX Jeremy McGrath Bob Hannah Ryan Villopoto Ryan Dungey Chad Reed John Michel Bayle James Stewart MX Roger DeCoster/Heikki Mikkola Bob Hannah Ricky Carmichael James Stewart Tony ... more »

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Going way back, and not addressing rider injuries or deaths, Jaroslav Falta basically had the 1974 250 World Championship stolen from him by Russian team tactics and corrupt track officials. Really incredible story. Falta was a super man and won the

... more »
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Can't believe I'm only just now listening to this record! It seems like a great forgotten 70s masterpiece.

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Anybody see Stefan Everts race the Unadilla 250 national in 1997? He went 3-5 on a Honda. Heard it was beautiful to watch him ride - kept his feet on the pegs and stood up the entire way around the track.

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Dungey and his team have developed an approach to training and racing that keeps him up front and also relatively free (not immune) from injury. His weakness is being vulnerable to guys who'll push closer to the limits of the equipment (RV, ET, JS, KR). ... more »

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Once the original Alice Cooper band broke up, Alice was never as good. Love It To Death is an essential American Rock album. Where the 1960s become the 1970s. Los Angeles goes to Detroit.