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Freeriding still requires mad skillz on a moto bike; respect. We love Seth; we love Crusty. Those guys were moto if it ever were.

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Rag doll, over the handlebars Seth

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I have but one thing to say if you'll be here in the evening... Bring mosquito spray. Lots of mosquito spray.

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I saw Hannah race at Southwick once; he lapped everybody so many times that none of them completed the minimum amount of laps to consider their race "completed". He did one lap so fast that the earth turned backwards, and all time reversed; like that ... more »

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When A/C asked "What was the question again?" I loved that. It showed he actually was listening! Usually, the interviewer talks for a while, then asks a question, and the rider is already ready to talk. The interviewer could say "Is Drakkar the greatest ... more »

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I have no dog in this fight, and I'm normally not superstitious; but today, I said to my kids "Kids, let's go ride bikes. Robert, today you're Eli Tomac. Haley, you are Cooper Webb." Then this happened. Does this give a glimpse into what Eli does to

... more »

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??????? It.... it has what plants crave, dude. I don't understand. It's got electrolytes.

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So strange! This was me back, like, a long time ago, or something?

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Sometimes there's no place to land; but landing is happening! I'm guessing that he lost power; and with no suitable landing site within gliding distance, he decided to mush into the trees at the slowest speed possible. I live in Minnesota; we have fields ... more »

Started new thread Street Hawk 4/9/2019 10:51 AM Look at that technology! Admit it; if this was on TV today, you'd watch it!

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Al Gore just ripped his shirt off. * (sorry, I couldn't figure out just who should rip their shirt off; but it seemed as though someone should.)

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I too wonder if the 19 bike is not as in agreement for Eli as the 18 was; also remember he did get hurt just before the season started, with little mention of it. Could his back be holding him... back? ... more »

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Why did he have to bam-bam BamBam?

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The runways will be cleared; it's just going to be bitterly cold. Wear a hat! I prefer a full on ninja mask when it's this cold out.

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#fripples ?

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Wow! I look at the finish line double, and think "nuh-uh". Also most of the jumps on there, I likely would not have had the nads to attempt. Apparently, I have no business out on a supercross track. Nicely done! That was very cool to see.

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Win or crash makes for exciting racing! I would have been happy with either Malcolm or Dean winning that one; but it's hard not to envision the second coming of Stewart!

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Ricky didn't get where he is today by coasting. He has a challenge in front of him, I am confident he will rise to that challenge like he has shown us countless times before.

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