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I'll offer. We're all fellow riders. If dude doesn't want help he'll say so. I'd prefer help myself, but I get that some people don't. Also; making friends with the people around you could help keep an extra eye on your pit while you're riding.

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My first motocross bike was an '87 KX250! Loved that bike!

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PS4 I thought it was great to hear the trash talk! I love the takeout move at the end of the 450 main.

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What the heck are you guys doing talking about this!!!!!!! Do you not know the first rule????

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Don't go off the jumps with the engine revved high; there is no room left for panic revving then. Try to be consistent with the throttle going off jumps. Chopping it just before/during takeoff could be bad (back end wants to come over the front). Set ... more »

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RESUME Goal: To ride for Chaparral as long as they don't mind if I don't huck any of the big jumps. "Big" is relative, they all look pretty scary to me. Also the big pointy whoops are freaky, no way I'm hitting those with any speed. Experience: Vet C ... more »

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Dude, I had the same issue. Do this: Put the bike on the center stand. Start it, warm it up. Rev the sucker. Turn the air screw slowly in (or maybe out, depending on where you were) until the thing revs like a songbird (does a songbird rev?). Now set ... more »

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"Tiny Tomac" could smoke me on a 250F on my best day. That stings a little to say that, but let's be real.

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We saw the race, sir. We... ALL... saw the race... sir. (read that like the bartender from the movie "The Shining")

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...or do both? We got a $25 Huffy Alien bike from Craigslist that my boy loves. He also loves riding the 12" Stacyc that Vital provided to him (we're sponsored, or something). Sometimes we go for a bike ride around the block; sometimes he messes around ... more »

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"Be excellent to each other, and... PARTY ON DUDES!!!" -Abraham Lincoln

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I'd like to ADD an electronic aid! I'd like riders to be able to have communication in their helmets. Like "big time crash around this corner, heads up, stay to the right side" kinds of things. They can talk to the NASCAR racers, why not dirt bikes? ... more »

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We ain't taking no mother humming gear bag on no mother humming plane! (Please read that like Samuel L Jackson in "Snakes on a Plane")

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Guys, guys... the switch to electric will be easy and quick! We've seen this before! If the manufacturers want electric; we will buy electric. Let me lay down a tale of the future: Let's just say they decide they want to focus on electric tech, and start ... more »

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or I haven't tried Gimp, I'll look at it, thanks

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This is... "GateGate"...? #GateGate ?

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Humor me... I just want to see what happens. Press up up down down A B select start.

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lol... I meant to just find a video of him stopping the bomb at 007. I didn't mean to use this "blooper" one. Agreed my friend, agreed.