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I wonder if you could just switch them...? I ride a pedal bike often, so it would be more automatic to have the left be the front for me as well. I wonder if cable length would allow for a straight up switch sides? EDIT: What was I thinking?!? I was ... more »

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DC, Can I please get a Playstation 5? I've been good for a large portion of the year. thanks!

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Everyone has nerves rattling around like you do; act like you don't. Listen to White Zombie just before you throw a leg over. Talk smack to at least one other rider. Appear very confident. Apologize in advance to the rider next to you for what is about ... more »

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I get excited when I see hills out the side window that I can pretend I'm jumping.

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Nakagami! I feel terrible for him, he was doing an incredible job, and it looked like he had it. Another race where I don't think anyone could predict the outcome. I am loving this season.

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Check out the video at 1:00 minute in. At least those wood stakes are protected by hay bales! I bet that wouldn't hurt to slide into those at high speed at all.

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If one of those bikes, or even pieces of it (like a wheel) had hit Rossi or Maverick... they would be dead or close to it. That has to be on Rossi's mind tonight. "Hmmmmmm... retire and live a great life surrounded by friends, or risk life and limb every ... more »

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I like the "PW X2" name. Kinda implies that it's TWICE the PW power! ... more »
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I'd like to throw my hat in the ring for the coaching job. I could watch, and offer gems like these:

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speculation on the ktm team orders, or is proof available? did kawi have team orders for the monster million? don't tell me they had no interest in winning that race. we can both speculate on orders being given. maybe it was a thoughtful team-mate, maybe ... more »

Added reply in a thread If I'm Cooper Webb.... 6/16/2020 8:16 AM That win for the million must have been a bummer. How does Eli sleep at night, knowing somebody handed him that win? It must have ... more »

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They could have a "pit bike", like a "pit car". Extra points if it's an actual pit bike, like a crf50, that actually busts some air.

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I'll offer. We're all fellow riders. If dude doesn't want help he'll say so. I'd prefer help myself, but I get that some people don't. Also; making friends with the people around you could help keep an extra eye on your pit while you're riding.

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My first motocross bike was an '87 KX250! Loved that bike!

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PS4 I thought it was great to hear the trash talk! I love the takeout move at the end of the 450 main.

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What the heck are you guys doing talking about this!!!!!!! Do you not know the first rule????

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Don't go off the jumps with the engine revved high; there is no room left for panic revving then. Try to be consistent with the throttle going off jumps. Chopping it just before/during takeoff could be bad (back end wants to come over the front). Set ... more »