Added reply in a thread 42 years ago today was the most Historic Day in American Motocross 👍 6/25/2022 6:09 AM

Such a Legend. He went out there and won not 1, but BOTH motos! Thanks for the post. Now I have to look for a YZ465 to restore.

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The Golden Boy delivers Gold. For years we've heard Riders, Mechanics, and Team managers give vague answers to what specific bike setup changes were made. Broc lay's it out. "Honda backed off the High Speed compression dampening so the shock won't lock ... more »

Added reply in a thread Jason Lawrence racing outdoors this summer 6/21/2022 3:55 AM

The last time J-Law showed up to race a National he went out for first practice and then went MIA. (Unadilla.) I did get to see his bike leaning against a fence though..

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Tony's response had a decidedly "In negotiations" feel. After all.. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

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Sound barriers will be removed from around the track and relocated surrounding the pits.

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Philadelphia is out of control. Took a few trips out there to visit family recently and couldn't believe the packs of dirt bikes, road bikes, and quads on the road. I was on the 9th floor of my hotel and could smell premix up there.

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Gotta love all the commercials during the replay, Like Russian roulette. Boom, here's an ad mid sentence.. They've seriously dug themselves a hole. I'm out too.

Added reply in a thread Healthy Roczen wins the title 6/9/2022 9:26 AM

Roczen with the Stewy mindset wins the title.

Added reply in a thread Will Gas Prices Change Your Moto Plans? 6/7/2022 10:01 AM

Last year I was seriously looking to buy a Mercedes Sprinter 170 High roof... Today I'm wondering if my Hyundai Veloster will tow a 4x8 trailer. Already got a hitch for it.

Added reply in a thread Just picked up a 2018 Rmz 450 w 1 hour, suggested mods? 6/7/2022 7:30 AM

X-Trig bar mounts to soften up the chassis feel a bit. Revalve / Respring to your ability and weight Link FMF System mostly to lose a little weight. Dunlop Tires.. My18 came with Bridgestones I believe. I also put a Rekluse Auto Clutch in mine so If ... more »

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Add Mookie

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Both RJ and MC great job. Also JT$ Great job. If you had first time jitters. It didn't show..

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I'm watching on Firestick too... well....15 seconds at a time then it freezes and enters the spin cycle. Phone app won't even let me watch practice... says I don't have permission to watch. lol

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Ferrandis with Cairolli in tow. Sexton and Anderson are up there til a tip over by each shuffles them back, Roczen fast but Ferrandis and Cairolli are just plain faster. Kenny settles in, rides like the tactician he is, and finishes 4th, Tomac testing ... more »

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Sounds great! Nice job setting it up Chris! (The Wizard)

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Could name it after that 90s band.. Cracking Pumpkins?

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With all due respect for his awesome Supercross season, JA21 sure is winded during his post race interviews. Even heat races. Can he go that hard for 30 +2? Tomac on the other hand looks like he's just warming up, post race.

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My 3rd race. 1978. My first 2 races I raced the 100cc class and the bike was way too big for me, ( I was 11) and everyone else in the Schoolboy class was 15-17 years old. For race 3 My parents got me an 80 and I got a top 5 the first time out. Claverack ... more »

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These guys are on another level. 222 all the way.

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Webb is adjusting to his new (old) workout regiment. Switching all that up mid season, which includes things like diet and all that entails, takes time. He's probably physically drained. His competition came in ready with guns blazing and have continued ... more »