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Not a dirt bike but my first motorcycle was stolen. I was stationed at Beale AFB and in late 1991 myself and my now wife got an apartment together close to the mall in Yuba City. We where there 6 damn days when my 1991 FZR 600 was stolen from the parking ... more »

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For wins, top 5's? Define competitive please. On a good night with a diminished field he could possibly win. Other than that is be extremely surprised if he won. But, that's why they race so we will see.

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Agree with kirkChandler here.... How is his an upgrade? It was included in my high priced cable/internet package and now i have to watch tape delay for some of the races unless I spend more money for the gold package. WTF. Not that you can please everyone ... more »

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That's not it....... Its that WADA and whoever else is working on his case is incompetent. It has taken too long for it to play out. Guilty or innocent i could give 2 shots about at this point. If he tests positive then notify, hold hearing, appeal and ... more »

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Really? What happened to pride in our country? That's why you do it! Is everything just about money these days? Maybe that's the problem, people only care about money and not the things that made this country great to begin with? I understand what you ... more »

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Damn, get well soon!

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Wow...... And that poor rev limiter. Did I see 165 mph? Don't doubt it could go faster but......

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I am really hoping for the 100% effort from them. Im not questioning it, rather saying i would be disappointed if they didn't.

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I get what you are saying and could be very true. Doesn't matter what he did in the past to me in the terms you describe above. I wish he would help the sport grow / advance in some way. Whether or not he does or not is his choice independent of what ... more »

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I really enjoyed that. Wish JS7 would be involved in helping the sport in some way or fashion. It appears he is not and its his choice. Is what it is. For the few that think wasn't funny, you are mistaken.....

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Then why even ask the question? 2 strokes are the holy grail of motocross and are making a hell of a comeback. Get the 250 and never look back.

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Proud moment for sure, as an American and retired Air Force F-15 Crew Chief. On another note, Tomac was just on fire.

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Congratulations for sure!

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Too many injuries period... Wish there was a solution (many have been previously discussed) but it isn't going to change right now.

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My goodness lots of butt hurt around here lately. Just glad to see and read about this wonderful sport we enjoy. Carry on.

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Damn baseball game is definitely going to ruin it. 12 minutes till race is supposed to start and they have 2 innings left. In in a hotel in cocoa beach so my channel options are limited........