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Dang at least you got a reply. I asked about this 2 weeks ago and no one replied!

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Does anyone know if Red Bull is doing this series again? Absolutely loved the work these guys did the past couple years. Whether or not they focus on 250's or 450's it still would be great.

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RIP. Great rider

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Dude that's crazy. Luckily I'm only 24 and the Doctor says I should make a full recovery. Best of luck to you though. Did you happen to bail when your injury occurred? I landed solid on my bike, just way past the landing. I'm hoping to be good at the ... more »

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So I fractured the Talus in both my ankles 8 weeks ago to the day. I can only walk real short distances so far. I'm graduating with my MBA tomorrow so I'm hoping to walk across that damn stage with my wheel chair on the other side. Question for the guys ... more »

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It probably means nothing. But gosh, that thing is sexy! James is never going to make a real comeback but man, talking about it sure is fun!

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Crazy thing you have to realize with malcolm is that even though his performance isn't their yet. He still gets tons of exposure! People love him. Take Broc Tickle for example of someone who did SX better than Malcolm. Yes Brock did better but malcolms ... more »

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So happy for this guy. Grit and determination will get you a long way!

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Guys, PODIUM STREAK! He's placed better than 3rd at most rounds over the past three years but just for lowballing it if he placed 3rd over the last three years and got the 50k bonus each time. That's 51 3rd place finished and equals just over $2.5 Million. ... more »

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Well, that's all folks.

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Not only having Aldon but having a top level factory bike. Honestly for just going out and racing off of pure talent without a real program he did great. Coop did better but he has Gareth to train him and a factory bike. Mookie has neither.

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Dude his natural talent and ability is better. He just doesn't have the program. Give mookie a year with Alton and Red Bull KTM and Mookie will destroy. The guys speed is insane. His program and equipment is just lacking

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Serious question though. I know KTM does not usually do fill in rides but if Marvin gets hurts are they just going to show up to the race without any riders? I mean if you gave Malcolm the program that Marvin has, that kind of talent would be spanking ... more »

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Ok to answer your question. These things suck. Back in 2011 (before I got into moto) my friends and I were bored AF from playing Halo all day so we went down to the SSR headquarters in Cerritos and talked them in to selling us 3 125's for $500 a piece ... more »

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Would love to see Reed on the new Zook. AC is still just grabbing the idea of making it through a whole season. Still just needs to finish another season on a 250 and win the title. I don't see why he would jump on the weak suzuki 250 when he's on the ... more »

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Your regular Fox channel

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And it just slipped away from him with so much time to go! How can he not push the pace to be that far ahead of Tomac so when Tomac gets to 2nd place he has a 25 second lead?

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If something hit it you got lucky. A rock went in between my case and sprocket and shreded the case. Thing good no longer hold oil so it cost me new cases and the full rebuild.

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Can we all just wait to see what happens in the coming months with the progress of his recovery? Everyone just wants to knock the guy down and say "he'll never comeback", "his arms trashed", etc. Just let it play out the way it going to play out. If ... more »