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Is KTM gonna re up to a 3 man team though? Seems like the sport still needs them to be a 3 man team.

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From my experience I don't really know anyone who ever raced. All my friend who rode dirt bike just did it for fun. Didn't buy a bike till I was 20 and could afford it myself because my parents didn't have a truck and didn't want to spend money on the ... more »

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Anybody see him puling those podium chicks in the background as Mcelrath was being interviewed?

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Just went over to NBCSN to watch it

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Congrats to Jake Weimer on the MCR ride!

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Better off starting an S-Corp rather than an LLC. Although I see you're in CA and single member LLC's are allowed. $800/year. I'm not a CPA yet but I am currently taking the exam.

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Interested in passing a long that KTM Demo pass? I live in Fullerton and would be happy to take it off your hands if you aren't able to use it. BTW I would always just prefer a 450 for glamis. The more power the better. I like not having to beat up the ... more »

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X3. Don't sell the home. Always better to have something to fall back on. We understand your passion for the sport and drive to follow it but you can do it in a smarter way. As for a product I don't have any idea as I'm an accountant with no creativity ... more »

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Gosh, the commitment is that intense

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Marx dog woof woof for the win!

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Do yourself a favor and good Yamaha PED1. It's not photoshopped. Googling it and researching it takes about as long to do as writing your comment

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This had me cracking up too. Everyone is talking shit on electric not knowing people in the industry are not hating on it because it means less maintanence etc.

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I have no clue. The article I found yesterday was just saying the bike is going into production soon. A lot of the time deadlines always get pushed back but I can't give you a true answer.

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Yes, just go ahead and google "Yamaha PED1 and PES1" They have a dirt bike model and street bike model

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So I stumbled upon this article today. Seems like Yamaha is getting ready to swoop in and not let Alta take all the electric money. I know this article is just referencing that Yamaha is just getting ready to put these bikes in Japan but if production

... more »

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If I bought this and I live in CA could i avoid sales tax?

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Dude still not bad to use all that land. Shoot house behind mine just sold for $560k and it's only 1600sqft on a 6200sqft lot. $750k is great.

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Cancled my DirecTV two weeks ago. Got sling for $45 a month with DVR package. Never looking back. I did keep the internet though because when I called to cancel I told them I just needed internet and they knocked the price down $15/month for a year no ... more »