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Is “spermbeard” on the Vital approved PC terminology list?

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Correct I did. And you still seem like a creepy bastard upon further review.

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You want the tv announcers to propogate bitch ass instagram girlfriend drama on national TV? Go suck a kardashian dick, your threads are all shit

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Aldon was training James for that magical 09 season tho...

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^^ Haha this is my pops to a tee.. I just have to sit back and laugh when he starts "fixing" shit anymore

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Dont sweat mxb2, he's too challenged to think up a non doosh response... Plenty of compounds out there to minimize all the superficial scratches like old swirl marks and light scratching. Start with a lighter abrasive, if that doesn't do it, go heavier(more ... more »

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It's called sarcasm, maybe you've heard of it. Your post was nothing more than speculative ramblings and your opinions in an attempt to discredit what someone else might know. Someone who clearly has more "industry" knowledge than you. It's just bizarre. ... more »

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This entire thread is assumptions. Well except BOBBYM winning a 125D regional qualifier championship semi final title crown. Twice.

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Sight lap always... this one mistake on a very familiar track changed my life permanantly. I got luckier than some, but I'm reminded of it every single friggin day.

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Swear I'm not a ford fan tho

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Gonna need those ford walking shoes soon... I also choose to live a lil dangerously. 08 350, all sorts of deletions, running a cool 22 mpg hwy downhill unloaded.

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Geez bro, thought you knew katana was a lifestyle

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Bronson movies, yup... sounds reasonable. At least we have the motive now.

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Proof or gtfo!